Friday, July 10, 2009

Lily of the day/July 10

During the summer, for a couple years now, I've been offering a daily 'bowl of daylilies.' There are 38 pictures which you may find under 'letter topics' on the sidebar. This year I've decided to do something a little different. I'm going to take a picture of a different daylily each day. I don't know the botanical names, so if you see one you know, please feel free to leave me a comment.

Today's is the common, but uncommonly beautiful, orange daylily.


  1. Pretty! I think these are so amazingly gorgeous!


  2. It's gorgeous and just perfect, however common. Mine are blooming too.

    PS. Love the kitty header. Cats sure do make an artform of relaxation. Look how decorate those sleeping cats are? :)

  3. Are these ever called Tiger Lilies or is that just the name my father called them to amuse us?

  4. Lezlie and Aisling, they are such cheery flowers!

    Susan, I had just written the following: "the tiger lily isn't a daylily. It is an Asiatic lily, also orange but a different shade and with black spots." And then I looked at these links:

    and was amazed that your dad wasn't kidding. Up here, we have daylilies and we have tiger lilies and they are completely different. But apparently, they can both be referred to as tiger lilies and as 'ditch lilies'. Thanks for my new knowledge for the day, Susan. :<)

  5. great links. I love the old superstition that smelling a tiger lily will give you freckles!

  6. Susan, like holding a buttercup under your chin to see if you like butter. :<)


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