Tuesday, July 28, 2009


an apparatus with rotating blades that creates a current of air for cooling or ventilation.

I love fans. These days there is one running in just about every room in the house. Window fans and floor fans. In older days when there wasn't a grill to block the sharp blades, people would put ribbons on the fan to remind everyone to watch out! At least I think that's what the ribbons were for. If there is another reason, please let me know. Anyhow, a few years back I began putting ribbons on our summer fans. I also love ribbons, and don't get to see or use them nearly enough so this is a grand opportunity to enjoy them, and to bring a little of the past into modern life.


  1. Nan, you are in fact a fan of fans...
    I think you must be right about the reason for the ribbons. A very sensible idea, pretty too.

  2. I just *knew* someone would say this, and I almost did myself. :<) Thank you for coming by, rattling on.

  3. What a great idea. I love ribbon also.

  4. Ooh! What a great -- and pretty -- idea. I'd totally copy you and tie some onto my bedroom fan if I didn't fear it would encourage our three cats to become interested in something I'd prefer they continue to ignore.

  5. My grandmother featured a display of old interesting things at a big birthday party-maybe her 85th. One of the things she featured was a fan that my Grandfather purchased to cool her off during labor. She was the first in the neighborhood to have such a fan. It doesn't have a safety grill.

  6. Hip Chick, if I did crafts or sewing, I'd use ribbon all the time - the silky, thick kind.

    Sprite, my cats haven't even noticed. :<) But then again, these are floor fans.

    Sarah, that's a wonderful story. I'm quite sure the fans of my childhood were metal and I don't recall grills. I think the party idea is a great one - I've never heard of it but what a great way to really show the past. Of course those of us who don't keep things would be at a loss to display items. :<)

  7. We have a fan upstairs just outside of all the bedrooms. It's really for Annie-Dog during the day since we don't usually run the a/c while we're at work (not that we've needed it much this summer!). I like the idea of the ribbons, but our timid dog would probably be afraid of them. She's afraid of the camera and oven (gas). Silly pup.

  8. My mother taught me to be afraid of gas stoves, too, Les :<)


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