Friday, July 31, 2009

Quote du jour/Elizabeth McCracken

A librarian, speaking about the library in The Giant's House by Elizabeth McCracken:

Space is the chief problem. Books are a bad family - there are those you love, and those you are indifferent to; idiots and mad cousins who you would banish except others enjoy their company; wrongheaded but fascinating eccentrics and dreamy geniuses; orphaned grandchildren; and endless brothers-in-law simply taking up space who you wish you could send straight to hell. Except you can't for the most part. You must house them and make them comfortable and worry about them when they go on trips and there is never enough room.


  1. Oh My Gosh. Only one of my favorite all time books and one of my favorite all time authors! Have you read her latest book? It's nonfiction.

  2. What a great quote! Makes me want to read the book...

  3. The single most accurate description I've ever read.

    Tenacious bunch...aren't they? :)

    - J.

  4. ...and my wife just handed me the book from her library stash...

    - J.

  5. Marvelous quote!! And so very true, as I contemplate clearing out some books I've read and know I'll never read again.

    Love your header! Great composition and depth-of-field!!

  6. Susan, I've only read The Giant's House, but will remedy that very soon. The memoir sounds good, though sad. I happened to find her blog:

    JoAnn, I read the book nine years ago, and remember liking it.

    Jeff, isn't it just great? And I think I'd like your wife!

    Les, Thank you! I just loved the sun shining through. I like your technical terms about the picture. I do not know anything about the camera, and fully intend never to try and learn. I shoot and hope for the best. Sometimes the pictures are 'the windshield and sometimes the bug.'
    (I remember you like MCC - who I think you resemble!).

  7. I love this description of books in a library--actually in many ways it describes my own books, as they build up over the years and I have trouble deciding which to discard and why. Am I ever going to read this one again? I never liked it that much, but it's so impressive on my shelf there. Impressive to whom? And then there are those you just love so dearly it makes you feel good just to know they're there.

  8. Oh how I resonate with that quote, beautifully put too. I think I would like E. McC., thank you for bringing her to my attention. Another one for my wish list!!
    I love your lilies, so varied and beautiful.


  9. May have to read this book just for that quote. How lovely! Thank you Nan!

  10. Mary Lois, your words could have been the qdj! I'd love to hear some titles in your categories. :<) I've got a few I hold on to for who knows why.

    Carole, I've only read the one book, and need to read more of her work. Thanks about the lilies.

    Sherri, it really is perfect!

    Kiirstin, I'll be interested to hear what you think if you read it. (has Joanne read it?)


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