Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Today's cd/Everything I've Got In My Pocket

Minnie Driver/Everything I've Got In My Pocket/2004

This is a really, really nice album. I've had it a long time now, and still enjoy it so much. She has a new one coming out next month, which I intend to buy. She reminds me a bit of another artist I like a lot, Kate St. John. She has a soft, gentle voice coupled with quiet, soothing music and good lyrics. Minnie Driver was actually a singer before she became an actress, though this is her first cd.


  1. I never knew that Minnie was a singer. How lovely. I have really liked some of her movies. My favorite if "Circle of Friends".

  2. I've never listened to this album, but I've heard her sing a few times on television and I agree she's quite good! I'll have to look out for her new album.

  3. Must look for that album. Yes, Nan, that was me on geek farm life! I love their podcasts. In fact, I just finished making the 30-minute Mozzarella after seeing/listening to Andrew make it. I will have photos on the blog. If you wish, you can email me at johnpegc@telus.net. Look forward to hearing from you.
    I always thought I wanted to be a farmer's wife, but I fell in love with a pilot - we've been together for almost 47 years, so the farming scene is simply in my dreams!

  4. Nan, you are my music guru. I have never disliked something you recommended. I love my ipod because I can download favorites from my cds and listen to them over and over. You are the reason my cd collection is growing. Thank You Thank YOu.

  5. Hey, thanks to all of you for your comments! It really is a nice album. I've been playing it for a couple of days now. Gee, Janet, I'm honored!


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