Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Book passage/One Man's Garden

Everyone has his own notions of what smells wonderful and what does not. I think the scent of wisteria and locust (which is much like wisteria) is irresistible. Other people cannot stand the fragrance.

Sometimes the smell from locust flowers perfumes the air, but not often. When conditions are just right, and there are a lot of locust trees, and the sun has just gone down, and the air is damp, a whole countryside will be perfumed. But usually you have to go right up to the flowers and sniff.

Henry Mitchell, One Man's Garden

Often I think the fragrance of freesias is my favorite, and other times I think it is the sweet pea. But to be completely honest, the one I love the best and always have is the black locust flower. I wish you could have gone "right up to the flowers" with me as I took the photo, and later cut some flowers for a bouquet. If Heaven has a smell, I would hope this is it.


  1. I have wisteria growing on my pergola and I just love it!

  2. Well, I am partial to honeysuckle. However, I have freesia and sweet pea lotion that I use and love the smell of both of those too. Also, gardenia. Not many of those in your area though!

  3. As you probably saw from my blog, I adore wisteria. We have tons of seed pods hanging from ours as they have long passed their blooming. I am praying that I will get a second and third blossom period. I normally do although they are sparse blossoms then. There is nothing sweeter on earth than that smell! How is your weather dear friend? Are you spending much time outdoors now?

  4. Nan, I can't believe this. Freesias are my favourite fragrance, followed by sweet peas! But sadly I've no idea about the black locust flowers. I do like honeysuckle as well - we have one in the garden near to the back door.

  5. I have never smelled Black Locust flowers, though I think I've seen them hanging from trees as I drive along the road. Next time I see them, I know I will be very tempted to pull over and smell them. My "heaven" smell is jasmine, and I wear the essential oil almost every day instead of perfume.

  6. I love the scent of freesias, roses, gardenias, jasmine and plumaria.

  7. Myutopia, thanks for stopping in. I've never smelled wisteria but if Henry Mitchell says it is like locust, I'm sure I'd love it.

    Kay, I like honeysuckle too. And I smelled gardenia once in Florida and it was so wonderful.

    Heidi, I have seen it and love it. Our weather is sublime. Today it is in the mid-70s with bright sun and a little breeze. As perfect as it gets!

    Books Please, if I could send you over some locust flowers I would! And I wonder if the English honeysuckle is the same plant as we have here? In fact, I think different parts of the US have different honeysuckles, but I'm not sure.

    Aisling, do stop and smell those trees. You'll probably stay a while. I think I've only smelled jasmine as a perfume. But I love the name.

    Les, I don't know what plumeria is, but it too has a great name.

    Thanks to each of you for your comments, and sorry it took me so long to write back.


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