Sunday, June 17, 2007

O Happy Day!

First day of our local Farmer's Market! Not too much produce yet but I got some wonderful summer squash and lettuce. Isn't it beautiful? As pretty as anything I can imagine.

I also bought a cd by a local musician who was playing as I shopped. A lovely time was had!


  1. Sounds like a good time to me. Shopping at Farmers Markets always makes me feel like I'm "doing a good thing"--buying and eating fresh produce and supporting local farmers, flower producers and home-based businesses. I find myself smiling as I shop and slowly walk through the stalls.

  2. Looks completely yummy!

  3. Yum! It all looks so fresh and delicious! I got local strawberries at a farm stand today, to make a pie for Father's Day. I ate a couple of berries on the way home, and they were so good!

  4. Ohhh, the summer squash looks delish! I got a couple yesterday while shopping--just a regular grocery store, alas. Today, I thinly sliced one along with some Vidalia onion, green peppers and grape tomatoes. Sprinkled some fresh ground pepper and Aunt Jane's Crazy Salt and dotted with butter. Baked it (covered) in the toaster oven about 20 minutes. It was ready just when the burgers came off the grill. Pretty tasty!

  5. Catherine Mary, you said it so well. I'm thrilled with all the people I've found in the blogging world who are really concerned about eating locally. There are some who are committed to eating one meal a week from only local food.

    Kay, I couldn't eat them yesterday because we were at a graduation party, but tonight they'll be sautéed with garlic scapes and scallions right from our garden and added to pasta.

    Aisling, I'll be looking for the recipe. :<) We don't have any strawberries right around us. We have to travel a bit.

    Marcia, SO good to hear from you. I tried to email you but it came back. Your recipe sounds terrific! I just emailed it to my daughter.

  6. The Farmer's Market is one of our favorite Spring and Summer Saturday activities. Our town built a special venue just for the Farmer's Market a couple years ago - so we can be there rain or shine. We can get locally grown produce of every kind, beautiful local baked breads, local cheese, fresh eggs, and so much more!

  7. Grace, it sounds wonderful! What a great thing for the town to do giving such support to local farmers.


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