Sunday, June 10, 2007

Quote du jour/Elizabeth Goudge

In my experience, when people once begin to read, they go on. They begin because they think they ought to, and they go on because they must. They find it widens life. We're all greedy for life, you know, and our short span of existence can't give us all that we hunger for; the time is too short and our capacity not large enough. But in books we experience all life vicariously.
Elizabeth Goudge, A City Of Bells


  1. I am an Elizabeth Goudge fan from way back. I somehow suspected that you might be, too.

  2. Clair, I just love it when someone visits an older blog entry! I haven't read a lot of her work, and it has been a long time. I just looked it up and it was ten years ago I read The City of Bells!

  3. Here is a nice list of her books for you:

  4. Thank you so much, Clair. I'll be over to check it out.


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