Saturday, June 9, 2007

Quote(s) du jour/ Alistair and Mrs Bale

I think you and I need a cup of tea, Mrs Bale.

Actually, I'd prefer a tequila sunrise.
Mrs Bale

After the tequila sunrise(s).


  1. I couldn't resist, Les. I was watching the show the other night where Rocky and Madge are in the hospital with neck injuries from white water rafting. Mrs Bale is so very upset, and Alistair helps out. :<) I was pleased the photo came out as well as it did from the tv screen.

  2. Oh, I love Mrs. Bale!!! She's my favorite on the show, after Judy Densch of course!!

  3. Nan - we are so addicted to As Time Goes By. We're rewatching the series now for about the 4th time through. Lionel and Jean just got married - which is one of our favorites. Can't wait to get to the end so I can see Alistair and Judy get married again too!!

  4. Gail, I just wish she were in more shows. :<) I love it when they go off to the country and I know I'll get to see her!

    Grace, do you own the dvds? I asked for them for my birthday this year and I so enjoy having them right here to watch anytime.


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