Sunday, June 3, 2007

A new inbox

You may recall an entry on my other inbox. in which I praised our old mailbox. As life changes, so do mailboxes. We got a note from our mail carrier asking us to raise our mailbox. With higher delivery cars, it's very hard to not only lean way over, but also reach down to put in the mail. It was too much work to try and replace the post or raise the mailbox with boards, so we broke down and got a new one. As "quaint" as the old one was, it wasn't fun to get wet mail on rainy days. We're going to use the old one for something up here at the house, but we haven't decided just what yet. A bird feeder? A place to hold garden tools? We'll see. I do love this new, sleek, black mailbox.


  1. That's a great idea to use your old mailbox to hold garden tools! I recently turned my old one on its side and used it as a planter, but now I think after this season I'll empty it and mount it near the garden for storage - thanks for the tip! You also reminded me of the country song "Empty Old Mailbox" by Don Rigsby - but they'll be no "empty" ones for us!:)

  2. I like the look of the new mailbox, Nan!

    I guess it's fortunate that the weather where I live is not too severe (although it can get really hot in the summer) since our mail deliverers do a lot of walking. They usually park at one end of the street and walk through the neighborhoods with their bags.

    Our mailbox is one of those little ones attached right outside our door as are most of the mailboxes in the area. My nextdoor neighbor had a mailbox put out on the street when they first moved in, but it disappeared pretty quickly.

  3. We go down the street to the mailbox. They are grouped with about 30 together and then 30 more at another point. Love you new little picture, Nan! Is that you?

  4. Alison, when you used it as a planter, did you keep the door? I just went to iTunes and bought Empty Old Mailbox. I had never heard it. Thanks so much. I'd so love to see your planter.

    Literary Feline, when we lived in town, we had a great basket attached to the wall next to our front door, and that's where all the mail went. Do you mean your neighbor's box was stolen? I can't imagine. :<(

    So, Kay, do people meet at the mailboxes and chat? I love the thought of that. Yes, the picture is "little Nan." Thank you.


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