Thursday, June 7, 2007

Mrs Bale says a five-letter word


29º. Ice on the car windshield. And not even a full moon. The tomatoes and basil are okay. We didn't cover last night, but Tom put the sprinkler on them early this morning, which is supposed to help. I don't think the ones nearer the house were hit, just those in the more exposed vegetable garden. This is the latest frost I remember.


  1. Mrs. Bale is not a lady to doubt! She has a determined look and reminds me of a teacher I once had in school. That is a late frost!
    I got a Gladys Taber book - Stillmeadow - out of the library, and all the wonderful memories of those reads so long ago came rushing back. Thanks for bringing her back into my life!

  2. Ugh, Nan. We were in the low to mid 30s the other night, but didn't get any frost. That was fortunate, because I had no idea ahead of time that it was going to be so cold! I usually wait to plant most of my veggies until the first weekend of June. I had to admit it, but this year it is going to be the 2nd weekend of June... I just didn't get to it, with graduation parties and such.

  3. Nan,
    We didn't get frost but it did get down to around 40 degrees. The house was 64 this morning. If this had been winter, the heat would have been cranking. It being close to summer, I just put on slippers and a sweat shirt.

    A frost this late, decidedly strange!

  4. I forgot where exactly you are located. What state? That is amazing that you had frost in June! I hope time will tell and give you some great tomatoes.

  5. I just looked up the book you are reading "Apricots at Midnight". It looks wonderful so I put it in my shopping basket. Love good book tips!

  6. Well, we are in the 90's so a frost is sounding good to me, but I know it will be many many moons before we see some cooler weather. Hot and humid is the ticket here.

  7. Good grief!! This is very late. Our frost date is May 15th.

    We haven't had any cold temps but boy has it been WINDY! Wednesday was awful. 50+ mph gusts all day long. It's nice and cool today (71).

    Love the new photo in your header!

  8. Yesterday was very windy in my part of the world. I thought my earrings were going to fly off of my ears. Really--they had very long hooks that kept getting blown around and pushed through the holes in my ears. I must have looked very silly holding on to my earrings while walking. I eventually had to take them off when I went outside. Actually, one of the reasons I have to post is (and I've said it here before) I love Mrs. Bale and her weather forecasts--is it the Channel weather she's always talking about? After yesterday's weather, maybe Mrs. Bale could mix us up one of her famous cocktails to help relax us.

  9. Peg, don't you just love her! I'm so pleased about the Stillmeadow book.

    So, Aisling, are you busy planting this weekend?

    Kat, we've had a woodstove a few nights this month. :<)

    Heidi, I think the tomatoes are all fine. And the book was an idea from Cornflower.

    Ah, Kay, those Texas days. Think about the days before air-conditioning! People just had to be mellower then. They simply couldn't work that hard in such temps.

    Catherine Mary, I love the earring story. And I think it is the Irish Sea she often refers to. I wonder if there is an online site with Mrs B's cocktail recipes. :<)


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