Sunday, June 3, 2007

Today's poem - Reveille by James Facos

by James Facos

The woods lie cool
With mist, and still.

The leafy pool
Gleams, clear and chill
With morning-glow.

A shadowy doe
With listening eyes
In the ferny dark....


Then a sudden lark
Its triple-throated cries,
The soaring, sunward skies-

O, my love, my heart, arise!
-Morning's come, singing!


  1. Love this poem. It was not misty here this morning, but there was a doe in my front yard.

  2. Oh, my gosh! That's amazing. How long did she stay? Any sign of babies? What a thrill.

  3. We have deer all around a lot. Most mornings when I go out to get the papers there are some in the front yard. Yes, there have been two little twin fawns around with their mother. Hope they stay safe. There are coyotes in this area too.

  4. Oh, aren't fawns just so adorable. Could you take pictures? I'm sure you could find a suitable book quote to go with them. :<)


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