Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Quote du jour/Gladys Taber

The magic of June is a very special magic ... It is compounded of much beauty and kindliness on nature's part, it really leaves nothing to be desired.
It is the deep heart of New England beating to a rhythm that never grows old, that is forever young, forever fair.
Surely the petals will never fall from the rose this time, surely it will always be June!

Gladys Taber
Stillmeadow Daybook, 1955


  1. I love the quote, and the pictures :) I might have to re-post that quote on my next entry!

  2. I've been hoping June would stay but she's already gathering her things and has begun to pack! She's been such a superb house guest. Quiet and clean, and always offering fresh boquets of roses...

  3. Nan, what a lovely quote and I love your header picture!

  4. If I can't be in England, maybe I should be in New England right now:) I just love anything by Gladys Taber and she sure paints a lovely description of her/your area. The two Galdys Taber books I was reading yesterday were:
    Stillmeadow Calendar
    Stillmeadow Sampler
    Both had a great description of June in New England!
    Thanks for sharing that great quote!

  5. Oh, and as I looked at your rose photos again, I was reminded that Gladys loved rambling roses, "cascading over fences, better than any fancy hybrid rose..."
    "Ramblers seem to belong with old saltbox houses and quiet villages and casual winding roads."
    Just love that!... after my own heart:)

  6. I should re-read some of Gladys Taber's books. Mother loved her essays in ??? magazine and read several of her Stillmeadow books, which I loved, too. Country and cocker spaniels and a pond and fireflies are my main memories. I wanted to live there.

  7. Lovely, lovely, lovely, Nan. I'm back on yoga and having a wonderful time. It's hot and muggy here, but that's summer.

  8. I really love this quote. For some reason June is an old-fashioned month. I fell in love with Gladys Tabor in my teens. Time to read her again.

  9. I have long enjoyed Gladys Tabor. Her book which recounts her father's personality is especially good reading.
    I've posted an "award" thing-y for you on my blog. I'm not very "techy" and felt the experience of working with it might be good for developing some skills.
    Don't feel you must do anything with it--its simply meant to let you know your blog is a favorite.

  10. Dear Gladys. Dear Nan. Thank you for this post.

  11. Beautiful quote and beautiful flowers!

  12. Thanks to all the Gladys Taber fans! If you don't know about it already, there is a Friends of Gladys Tabor group which you might like to join. I posted about it a couple years ago. The contact email address is still the same. Dues are now $20 a year, and worth every penny!


    Erin, that's great! The more Gladys' name is out there, the better!

    Julie, such beautiful words. Thank you.

    Sherri, Gladys never fails to express the wonder of life.

    Joanne, I own only Sampler and Daybook. I hope someday to collect them all! And I love her description of the roses.

    Jenclair, you are certainly remembering correctly! Each of them feature often in her writings. You might like to join the Friends! There's a wonderful newsletter four times a year.

    Thank you, Kay! And good for you!

    Sarah, I just love that about June as an old-fashioned month. Perfect.

    Morning's Minion, I don't think her father was an easy man to live with. In fact some descriptions make me think he may have been bi-polar to some degree. Thank you, I'll be over soon.

    Lisa, it is the rugosa; the only one that grows here except for the William Baffin.

    Clair, and I thank you!

    Staci, Gladys' words are always just right!

  13. I adore Gladys! Great quote - and a good reminder to pull out some of her books for a re-read. Thanks.

  14. Her books are on the table by my reading chair. Oh I wish I could have visited her and sat and looked at the gardens. The scent of the rose has traveled all the way to the woods in Tennessee.

  15. Rebecca, I so love her writing.

    One Woman's Journey, I think so many of us wish the same thing.

  16. Wonderful quote!! June is just so lovely. My garden never looks as lovely as in June. I need to get out there with my camera...

  17. Les, it is so beautiful. This is the month for all my blue/purple flowers: lupines, iris, mountain bluet, spiderwort. Then next month the daylilies burst into bright colors!

  18. Have a lot of signed books, plates, mugs, etc. from My Grandmother who was a Gladys Tabor Friend Please contact me if you know of anyone interested in any of things. I will get it together and know exactly what we have. Thanks have a great day :} Deckermtn@comcast.net Lisa


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