Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mrs Bale is not really complaining, but...

Mrs Bale wonders if we've gone into another weather zone. Has our windy hill been transported to the Pacific Northwest? I think there have been some sunny, warm days this month, but what I remember are rainy, cloudy, raw, dark days. She and I aren't really complaining because after all our British souls are most at home in this sort of weather, but still ... it would be nice to have a wee bit more sunshine. So far the plants seem fine. In fact, they are looking more like those in a tropical rainforest everyday. Green, green, green. I will certainly take this over dry and brown and hot anyday, but still ... it would be nice to see the sun.


Addendum: a few hours later the sun came out! I'm happy. :<)


  1. It's another cold, rainy day here, too... almost feels like we're heading into fall and not summer. A warm-up is coming for the weekend though.

  2. This has been an unusual spring here too. We had all that wet and cold. Now summer has set in and the temps are like late summer. UGH I just hope the rain keeps on coming down otherwise all will burn up. Enjoy your jungle.

  3. JoAnn, and Lisa, It is just amazing how much brighter it is now that the sun has come out!

  4. I totally agree with you. Today was beautiful though here in Michigan. Sun and about 75 degrees...perfection! I spent an hour picking strawberries and tomorrow I'm going to make jam!

  5. Well, maybe you and Mrs. Bale need to "not really complain" more often :-) It seems to have the sun brought to your place!
    Awfully wet and cold spring here, too. Not good for a lot of things, one of them being my training for the City Run.

  6. We have had similar weather here, howver, the sun was shining yesterday and continues to shine today! It is cooler but lovely out and seems to be great for the fields and gardens.
    Thanks for your weather report, Mrs. Bale! We appreciate you!

  7. Oh, Staci, good for you! I love strawberry jam and yet, have never made it.

    Librarian, it's like hanging out the clothes or watering the garden so often brings rain!
    That's so great you are doing this race.

    Joanne, today is perfect, perfect weather!

  8. Oh my gosh I loved loved As Time Goes By and I can just hear Mrs Bales reporting on conditions in the channel.

    A nice bonus to your intereting post!!!

  9. Sallie, I just love the show and her. If you look over on the sidebar under letter topics, you'll see 'Mrs Bale's weather report' and you may click on it for more from Mrs B! I have a lot of fun with her on the blog.:<)

  10. We have had our share or dark, stormy nights (and days!) this month. I believe we've logged close to 10 inches of rain in June, thus far. We've lost our power three times in the past two weeks. The rivers are overflowing and there have been several downed trees due to the oversaturated soil. I sat in my car the other morning, waiting for a squall to blow over before making my way into the bookstore. I sat for over 15 minutes as the rain poured down in torrents. The wind blew like a hurricane and my little Mini felt like it was going to flip over. Then the hail began and the lightning was terribly close. I have to say, I was a little frightened! And my poor Annie dog has had several restless nights due to all the thunder and lightning. I'm not ready for hot, dry weather, but a little break from all the rain would be welcome! :)

  11. Wow, Les, I think Mrs B would have enjoyed talking about your weather much more than mine! Much more interesting! Very scary, too. Hey, here's a tip. I called the vet one day because both dogs were afraid of the wind, as they are also afraid of thunder, and she suggested Rescue Remedy. Ever seen this stuff? Try a health food store, though I've seen it in the big grocery store too. You can put the drops on a piece of cheese or whatever Annie likes especially or just pop them into her mouth. Completely harmless and can use as often as needed. And the best thing is that it works! They settle right down. Amazing, amazing.


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