Friday, May 15, 2009

Quote du jour/Thomas Jefferson

Determine never to be idle. No person will have occasion to complain of the want of time who never loses any. It is wonderful how much may be done if we are always doing.

Thomas Jefferson

Don't these words apply to this springtime of the year? Oh my gosh, my head hits the pillow and begins to spin with all the things I want to do. Every good day I'm outside. Tom took a personal day today, and we both worked straight through till 4 pm. He moved some firewood up to our house from the land where our daughter and her boyfriend plan to build; and replaced the water pump on the tractor. We edged, we dug up and transplanted daylilies, we put cocoa mulch on daylilies and phlox. I picked rhubarb and made another dessert (recipe coming soon). Now it's time to start supper which will be mandoline potatoes with onions, peppers, and our own chives. And then we'll sit down for cocktails!


  1. It's a bit like the saying that if you want something done, then ask a busy person.
    I hear people at work complaining they never have time to do stuff. These are women who have no hobbies, don't read and often have a cleaner and/or someone to do the ironing! I do it all myself and find time to have too many hobbies...
    My rhubarb isn't ready yet, but when it is I shall be trying some of your recipes.

  2. How nice that they are building so close.

  3. Oh those great old Americans (I a thinking of Ben Franklin too) who got us all up and moving over all these generations. Where would be without them? Lolling on beaches and trawling the internet? Ooops. I am glad you, at least, are keeping the flame of productive activity burning, what with all this gardening and cooking and writing.

  4. Sounds like a perfect day!

    How do you like the cocoa mulch? I always see it at our area garden center and have wondered if I should try it.

  5. Yes, and so much to do and think about doing - I always wonder about people who are bored, I hardly ever seem to (tired maybe, but not bored). Although reading about all your yard work made my muscles ache!

  6. I am a retired teacher, and the kids knew they were not allowed to say the 'B' word...which was 'bored'. I'd ask them what they were going to do about it, because busy people don't get bored. You certainly accomplished a lot! I am so happy to see weather that brings on the flowers.

  7. Rattling on, my husband said the same thing when he read the quote! My problem is that I have too many interests and it isn't easy to fit them all in. (my bloglists on the sidebar for instance!!)

    Jodi, we are so thrilled. It is coming along a step at a time.

    KSV, if it weren't for the internet, I'd be a lot more productive! I've got quite a lazy streak really. :<)

    Alison, we LOVE cocoa mulch. We both think it looks much better, isn't as messy as bark, smells wonderful though it often leads to a batch of brownies, and is a great soil enhancer. Weeds pull out much easier, and the soil becomes more friable. It may cost more but most everything that is great does in my experience. :<)

    Susan, I ached too! I think because I am an only child, I am never bored. Just the opposite. :<)

  8. Mare, that's so great. I'll bet you were a great teacher with lots of humor!

  9. A day of work and getting things completed is very satisfying!!

  10. Sounds like the very best kind of day to me!


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