Saturday, November 22, 2008

Two years of writing letters

The calendar year offers many built in times for a "new beginning." For me, they are January 1, spring, and September. Since I started my blog two years ago, November 22 has become another new beginning - a time for me to assess where I've been and where I want to go in terms of my online journal. I mentioned several goals on the one year anniversary; some were accomplished and others were not.

I am grateful to Aisling for providing me the opportunity to achieve one of the goals I wrote about - "I think I want to do a weekly garden tour of the flowers and vegetables." Thanks to her Sunday Stroll, I now have a record of how the garden looks throughout the months.

Last November I noted: "I want to do more book reports." And I did; so far almost double the amount. In the coming year, I want to write something about each book I read, not necessarily an in-depth report with lots of links about every book. Sometimes I'll just write a few sentences so I'll have a record of what I thought. Maybe I'll call them something witty like brief book reports. :<) In 2007, I loved writing about the movies we saw at our little local theatre, and this year I didn't write one review. Why? Well, some movies were darker, but still I could have written something. In 2009, I hope to write about each movie I see in the theatre, and also about some of the dvds we rent from Netflix. I enjoy sharing recipes and will continue doing so since I've gotten such great responses to them. I'm thrilled when you leave a comment saying that you tried one and it turned out great! My entries are indeed "letters" sent to anyone who wants to stop by, and at the same time, they are journal entries which keep track of family occasions, gardens, the house and the farm. I'll occasionally email or text my kids to say, "you might want to check out the blog today," when there is something I think might interest them. I'm blessed to have found all the people on my bloglists. I seem to add more every week. I learn something from each one. My heart is warmed, my mind is stimulated, and my soul is satisfied whenever I visit one of you. I thank you for your writings, and for your comments. They mean more to me than I can say. And now on to a little giveaway to say thank you for reading my letters. Last year I gave a calendar of local pictures, and today I offer another calendar; this time with paintings of women reading. If you would like it, please leave a comment on any posting from today through November 28. A week from today, on November 29, I'll draw a winning name.


  1. YOUR quilt behind the writing desk has blessed me. I'm sitting on my kitchen island writing letters this morning AND that photo warmed my heart! I LOVE the headliner and love that you change it often. I love the way you capture beauty. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yes, I'd love
    the calendar!


  2. Congratulations on your blogoversary! It's always such a pleasure to stop over here and see what you have to talk about each day, Nan. You've given me many books to add to my list of future reads, and a few CDs, too, not to mention the animals you've helped me make friends with. I've enjoyed being invited into your world.
    I would love to be in the drawing for that calendar!

  3. Congratulations for your Blog Anniversary and for making the goals you set for yourself!! Major accomplishment! I would love that beautiful calendar!! I didn't know one like that existed! Thanks!

  4. Nan, Happy Blog Anniversary! I think mine passed without notice (even by me!) in September. :)

    Your letters are truly a joy to read. Though I don't always comment, I read every post. How lovely it has been to get to know you even better, through the thoughts you've shared here.

    Thank you for mentioning my stroll. It has been wonderful to see your farm through your strolls. I hope I can force myself to get outside tomorrow. It looks like another cold one!


  5. Congrats on your 2nd year Blogaversary. I really enjoy your blog Nan. I am like Aisling in that I don't post a comment every time but I have you on my reader feeder and I read each post. I have learned some things, found books I like to read and I really enjoy the stroll around your garden/farm. I am a country girl stuck in the city. I really like that calendar. It would make great gifts for several of my girlfriends. I would love to find it. Would you mind telling me where you got it?

  6. I love to receive your "letters"!
    I collect reading pictures so please add my name to the drawing.

  7. Congratulations Nan, I'm so pleased I found you and I look forward to reading your posts. Through blogging I have enjoyed seeing your part of the world and it has enriched my life. Long may you carry on writing your letters.

  8. I love your blog, everything about it, and cross the ocean daily to read it. Thank you so much for all the time and trouble that you take.
    Many congratulations on being 2.


  9. I enjoy the warmth and variety of your letters and I love your recipes. congratulations on the anniversary and please keep on and on.

    I would love to be in the draw if entries from the UK are eligible. November 29th is my birthday so perhaps I might be lucky!

  10. Dear Nan,

    I love your new header!!!!!!

    And, congrats on your two year anniversary. I visit your blog every single morning with my cup of coffee. It's almost like having a visit across the fence with a neighbor. :)

    I am so very happy that you decided to take up blogging. I remember those early emails with your questions and concerns. Aren't you glad you went ahead with the idea? I know how much I love looking back through my early posts. It truly is a form of journaling. And letter-writing. :)

    Here's to another year of creativity.

    Your pal,


  11. Happy Anniversary! :)

    I have to say I'm quite pleased to have found your letters - your posts are so lovely, and have such great images :)

  12. Happy anniversary of your blog. I do enjoy stopping by to read about what you are up to at the moment...books or recipes...all are so enjoyable. Thanks for sharing!

    And Happy Weekend!

  13. Finding your blog has been a happy coincidence for me. I come to it again and again. Your photos, recipes, book reviews and little vignettes of life are all captivating. I would love to throw my hat in the ring for the calendar and now I'm off to make some of that Mouse-Cover-Up potpourri!

  14. Nan I am so pleased I found you several months ago. Read you daily and have purchased a number of books you have shared about. Also have copied and tried some of your recipes. You are one busy lady. Wish I lived near and could sit and have a cup of tea with you.
    Love the looks of the calendar and would love to have one.
    Ernestine from Nashville.

  15. Don't add me to the drawing -- I just stopped by to wish you a Happy Bloggiversary!

  16. Your hill farm is a world away from my rural suburbia in the south of England and I love pretending that I'm in touch with a descendant of Anne and Gilbert, now living in exile from PEI! It's particularly satisfying, to an Anne fan, that you live at Windy Poplars!
    Add me to your list please, Nan.

  17. Nan, all best on the anniversary of your delightful blog! I'm amply supplied with calendars so don't need to be included in your prize draw!

    I enjoy visiting this spot and always find something of value. Thank you so much for all of it!

  18. Congratulations! I haven't been looking at your blog for very long but it's one of my favourites. I love that little writing corner.

  19. Hi Nan,
    I always enjoy stopping by for a visit at the Hill Farm!
    Please enter me in the calendar drawing.
    Jeanne :)

  20. Nan,
    For me, your blog is a safe haven from the crazy world I enter each day. When day is done and I am finally home, I turn to your Letters From a Hill Farm to help me remember what is real and important--what matters. Thank you.

  21. Congratulations on your blogging anniversary.

    Times does go so fast when one is writing their way through life.

  22. Hi Nan,
    Happy blog anniversary! I read your one year ago post and really felt that remark - interested in so many things that it is hard to focus on just one or two. But that is why I check your blog all the time - so interesting!
    Honored to be included on your blogroll.

  23. Oh and forgot to add - lovely calendar but I have already gotten my 2009 calendar so you can leave me out of the potential list!

  24. Happy Bolgiversary, Nan! It's only been a couple months since I
    'met you', but your blog has become part of my morning routine.
    Please put my name in the calendar drawing.

  25. Beautiful blog as always Nan, I do enjoy reading it most days. Being on the other side of the world makes for interesting reading, I just wish I had the time to read more then acouple of chapters a night ! I am very interested in NZ history, both Maori and European, I have recentely read `Te Puea`, the biography of this amazing woman who nearly singlehanded brought her Waikato people back from the brink of distruction after land wars and disease had taken so many of them. I read alot of Michael King, a NZ writer now deceased unfortunately.
    I would love to go into the draw for the calendar . .

  26. Oh, I just love the photo of your dishes!

    Many, many congratulations Nan on two years of letters; I am thrilled to be on this journey with you. Your spirit and kindness have blessed me since we 'met'.

  27. Oh! This is the best giveaway for me. I tried to purchase something like this from 'Bas Bleu' but they don't send to the UK. So I would love to be considered for this giveaway.

  28. Am I too late? If not would love to be entered in your draw! I love that picture of your desk too.


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