Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lest you think...

... after reading my note on Thanksgiving, that my personal Thanksgivings have been unpleasant, I want to say that they have been great, and are still, wonderful. When the kids were younger, we each chose what we wanted for the meal. It was an eclectic mix of all sorts of vegetarian delights. No tofu turkeys, but all our favorite dishes. Here's a photo, and a menu from 1994. My memories of those days are warm and very happy.


  1. I'm with you, Nan, no tofu turkeys here - no way. We had Yam and Black Bean Stew and Roasted Potato Wedges with garlicky mayonnaise

    Our thanksgiving was in October ... I think it's nicer then because the leaves are still mostly on the trees and the colours are gorgeous ... also leaves a space between Thanksgiving and Christmas

    How did those dates get set? do you know?

  2. How could we think that you had anything less than great Thanksgivings with those terrific kids of yours? (And the husband sounds very decent to boot!). I appreciate a good rant, (I am known to opine)and it's your blog, rant away :)
    My current topic to get me fired up is all the commercials I have been seeing the last few days for Thanksgiving SHOPPING. I did not realize stores were open - and around here, they are not only open on T-Day, they are open from dawn till late...don't their employees ever get a break?
    Anyway, have a good time with you and yours.

  3. "gingerbeard"! I love that!

    All the best for a happy day!

  4. I think it is so wonderful that you kept that special list of food. It is a treasure!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving!
    I wish we had the same occasion every year here too!

  6. Nan
    Happy thanksgiving day to you and your family.
    I loved the childhood note of the menu. I've kept those too of my kiddos when they were small.
    Such fun memories.
    Thanks for all the letters you write throughout the year that have brought me such happiness and contentment.


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