Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Today's picture/Sign of the times


  1. Whoo Hoooo !!!!!!!!!
    Huge smiles
    Now we just need to keep him safe and let him uses his brains and common sense...well done all
    At last an election to celebrate

  2. I am sure that this morning you will feel happy! Here in France most people are happy too!

  3. Congratulations America! the world looks a different place this morning.

  4. Congratulations have elected a good man. I'm sure you must be so, so relieved. Like many others over here in the U.K. I was up all night glued to the television, occasionally talking to a friend in Virginia. I watched Obama's acceptance speech with tears streaming down my face. I know the road ahead will not be easy, but, yes, he has brought hope, where hope was very scarce.


    Thanks for visiting me..yes poor little Bailey.Emerg vet all night, back at regular vet today for IV's..
    still not diagnosed.. still sick.
    But was able to watch the celebration and speech last night.
    Thanks for your election post yesterday. Fun to read about the voting!

  6. Phew ... it felt close, but in the end it was overwhelming. Three cheers, hip hip hooorayyy


  7. America feels like home again.
    Happy, happy day.

  8. Nan
    Your comments meant so much.
    Oh yes, big vet mistakes...
    one vet this morning apologized all over herself and said such a big mistake they all made!They did.

    You are so right.. his job since repatriating has been nothing but stress. At 59 and willing to go round the world for them, it is not being appreciated. But it's the corporate world, and look what is happening everywhere in layoffs!
    Good news though is he is vested, having been there 25 years, and thus there is some early retirement.
    It means in the short haul we will need to pay our health insurance, and then he and maybe me will need to find jobs.
    Not what we anticipated at this stage/age!
    But there could be pluses..
    so we are waiting.
    They haven't called all day from vet, so maybe Bailey comes home with us tonight.
    He is so little.. he went from 17 lbs to 15 lbs in 3 days, that is a big percentage of body weight for a little dog.
    Thanks again.


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