Sunday, November 9, 2008

Tom's Weather Journal - November 9

Every fall, when we set the clocks back, the days seem to shorten dramatically. This, of course, is a fallacy. The first Sunday of eastern standard time at this latitude has only three fewer minutes of daylight than the day before, the last Saturday of daylight savings time; but the early darkness always surprises me. The southwest ridge doesn't lie though. Even without going to the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration site, or the Farmer's Almanac site, I can tell just by looking at what time the sun sets over these hills that the evenings are going to get just about half an hour shorter before they begin to stretch out again. On December 6th the sun will set at 4:07 PM and hover around that setting time for about a week before it sets at 4:08 on December 13th. The evenings will begin to stretch out again.


  1. Loved this weather /sun setting post.
    I too feel like the evenings are so dark and long.
    About 6 p.m it feels about 10 p.m. by my body clock and time for bed.
    Thanks for visiting me and your comments.It has meant so much.
    We have to draw back and 'regroup' and figure out which direction to take.
    Having just moved to this house and doing rennovations, it feels like we can't move again.
    In his line of work as quality assurance director in pharmaceuticals there are no other such companies near where we live.
    Its a quandry.
    I also loved your dog post yesterday.

  2. And what a perfect day for the sun to beginning shining longer!

    Gorgeous photo, by the way. When I clicked to view it in full-screen mode, I could see the wisps of clouds. The look like they were painted in large, expressive strokes. Stunning!

  3. And at what time does it rise the next morning?
    Our days are shorter than yours - the sun sets around three and rises around nine in December. If it is gray, as it often is we need the electric light on all day....

  4. Hi em, Tom here. Thanks for your comment on my new weather journal. Sunrise today was at 6:35 and sunset will be at 4:26. Length of day 9 hours 50 min. Our shortest day is 8 hours 51 minutes. We live just below latitude 45º.

  5. and I live just below (ten minutes drive) latitude 60º

  6. It's amazing the difference a couple degrees of latitude make - on December 6, the sun will set at 4:29 PM here. I don't mind the long winter evenings though. The photo is beautiful!


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