Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Buying books for the holidays

I love this idea! You may read more about it at the Books for the Holidays site. It is a tremendous effort, and I hope all the book lovers amongst us will join.

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  1. And as I commented on another blog, this is so important to me. I love my job, working in one of those big box bookstores, and this holiday season is predicted to be quite bleak. This news came down from the head honcho of the company. It may be the worst retail season ever. We aren't adding our usual seasonal help and sales haven't been nearly as strong as previous years. Quite honestly, it's a bit scary.

    I hope and pray that things begin to pick up now that the election is behind us. Books really are affordable entertainment. You can read them over and over or pass them on to others. I'd much rather give (or receive) a book than just about anything (although I'm hinting to Santa that I might need a new KitchenAid mixer, as mine is 27 years old!).

    Support the authors, publishers and all bookstores! Buy books, not ugly sweaters. :)


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