Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Further Afield/Sitting Pretty

This was taken at a nearby hotel. Don't the chairs look inviting?

And these are the views you would see if you were sitting there with your afternoon tea and a good, good book.


  1. Okay. I am packing my teapot and some books and moving to this hotel. LOL!

    And yes, we have used the same quote more often. We really do think on the same wavelength with some things.

  2. Too pretty. Why am I not there to drink tea with you and admire the scenery. I was just over on Les' blog sniffing over her Oregon pictures.

  3. What a gorgeous view. So relaxing looking. Ahhh.

  4. Nan, I would just love to relax there in the early morning and linger till is so beautiful!

    Have a lovely day...


  5. That looks like the perfect place for a cup of coffee and a good book. (and maybe a pillow for some snoozing)

    I see in you sidebar you quoted Gladys Taber. She is one on my favorite authors. I have almost all of her books.


  6. I'm with Heidi! I'm ready to pack my books and bags and come for a visit!! I love those chairs and the view is marvelous.

  7. Beautiful - it looks like the perfect place to decompress with a good book.

  8. Thanks everyone. You know, in all the times I've driven past, I haven't seen anyone sitting in those chairs or the many others on the property. Gosh, I hope someone does. I hope people don't just go there and rush around doing various activities instead of stopping for the refreshment those chairs and views have to offer.


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