Thursday, September 13, 2007

Celebrate The Author Challenge

I broke my own rule today and spent some fun time online getting together my list of books for the 2008 Celebrate The Author Challenge.

This is a twelve month challenge (January 1, 2008 through December 31, 2008).
The challenge is designed to "celebrate" author birthdays. Choose one author for each month of the year. Read at least one book a month. 12 authors. 12 birthdays.

You may see my list on the sidebar. I am tickled because I own all the books except two, and was planning to buy them anyway, and they are all books I am really excited to read. It is well balanced between men and women writers, and nonfiction and fiction.


  1. I'm happy to see you have the Beatrix Potter book on your list! I have The King's English out from the library right now but I think it's going back unread - because I think I need to own it.

  2. I've owned it for a while, now, Tara, and this seemed the perfect opportunity to read it! I emailed TKE bookstore today to find out what month the author was born in, and they wrote right back to tell me. I was pleased it was a month I didn't have an author for yet. Another writer who emailed me right back was Peter Abrahams. I was thrilled. I think it is well worth buying The King's English. It's such a beautiful book.

  3. What a wonderful list!! I'll have to think about doing this challenge, it sounds so much fun. By the way, I used to work at The King's English. I wrote a post about it back in March, and there's a link to photos I took when I was working there.

  4. Wow you are so organised! I just can't plan my reading even though I try. Books just seem to arrive from all different directions and clamour to be read.

    Enjoy your reading.

  5. Robin, that's so great! I'll go back in your archives to read about it.

    BooksPlease, you know, I never have been able to do this either. Months ago, I began a challenge and stopped because I wanted to read different books. But this one utterly struck my fancy and I spent a long time finding out birthdays and really thinking about the books. I want to read all of them, and should have time to read others too. Except maybe in February and July and November. :<) I love celebrating any birthdays!

  6. Hi Nan - gosh, I've been away too long - it took me a half hour to catch up on your posts!!! I love all the book info - your challenge list looks great. Piglet is too cute - and, yes, the perfect name! I liked the seed pod pix - does your false indigo always split? I have tons of pods but still very intact...
    The stew looks yummy - and the popovers, but really my favorite would have to be the corn muffins - mmmmmmm.
    Thanks - it's so fun to visit here!


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