Wednesday, September 19, 2007

At this moment

Now playing on my computer, as I write: Bob Marley & The Wailers - Three Little Birds

Tom assigns a writing exercise to his junior high students called "at this moment." They must go outdoors and record what they see, hear, smell, taste, and feel. The last one isn't an emotional feeling, but a physical one such as cold air on one's face.

I thought this would be a great occasional blogging idea, and I so hope those of you who visit might do it on your own blogs. An indoor experience would also be interesting, I think.

I went outdoors at around 11:15 am and sat down on the side steps to read.
This is what I saw:

The dogs.
The clothesline, and the daylilies that need to be cut back.
The woodpile ready for winter, color in the (almost) autumn leaves, the iris we are going to dig up and send to Les, and rosehips.

What I heard:
crickets, flies buzzing (and driving Ben crazy), a chickadee in the woods. The birds at the feeder had eaten their morning meal and flown off, so there weren't many bird songs. Mostly, it was silent. Blessed, blessed silence.

What I smelled:
fresh air.

I wasn't eating or drinking anything, so no taste.

What I felt:
sunshine on my face and a slight breeze.


  1. Nan how beautiful is this... Your photos are just lovely. Hmmmmm...fresh air and silence always two of my favorites..


    Beverly :o)

  2. What a good idea! I'll have to remember this one . . . and it looks as if you're having a beautiful day, too.

  3. I love this idea. Perhaps I can adopt it for a Sunday event. That's the most likely day around here for me to sit still. :)

    Thanks in advance for the iris!! :)

  4. Ooh! I like any idea for a blog post!

    I had actually considered doing the weather and temperature on each post of mine...

    PS - Same Folsom as Johnny Cash!

  5. What a good idea. I might do this myself. Living in the moment makes you so much more aware.

    I love seeing your photos and now I've looked up what a chickadee (I've heard the name but never knew what is is)is I can imagine the sounds. It looks like a tit and we get lots of those in our garden.

    It is very silent here at the moment, except for the whirr of the computer and me tapping on the keyboard.

  6. Lovely! In the middle of this hectic week, it's so nice so read such a lovely post. Thanks for sharing those quiet moments with us. What a great writing assignment for those students, too!

  7. Looks like a lovely, lovely day... just want to lie on your lawn with a book...


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