Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Dog Stats

I was thinking today of all our dogs over the years, and came up with these interesting (to me) statistics.

In 34 years, we have had 9 dogs: Casey, Bray, Lucy, Sam, Oreo, Little Ann, MacIntosh, Ben, Sadie.

5 males: Bray, Sam, Oreo, MacIntosh, Ben; 4 females: Casey, Lucy, Little Ann, Sadie.

3 we got because the previous owners couldn't keep them: Casey, Bray, Sadie.

4 were purebreds: Bray-Weimaraner, Lucy-Belgian Sheepdog, Little Ann-Chinook, MacIntosh-Collie.

3 we paid money for: Lucy, Little Ann, MacIntosh.

2 were 8 weeks old when we got them: Lucy, MacIntosh.

2 were 4 months old when we got them: Oreo, Little Ann.

5 were older than puppies: Casey, Bray, Sam, Ben, Sadie.

6 we named ourselves: Sam, Lucy, Oreo, Little Ann, MacIntosh, Ben; 3 came with names: Casey, Bray, Sadie.

2 were strays: Sam, Ben.

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    Love your header/banner. Just beautiful!


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