Sunday, September 9, 2007

Mrs Bale says it has been a beautiful day

Not what people usually describe as a beautiful day, but we've had no rain for a long time, and today we've gotten almost an inch. It rained steadily all day, and it couldn't have been nicer. Can you see the mist up the hill a bit? And that great puddle?


  1. We had a 'beautiful' day like that yesterday, with nearly an inch of rain!

    Carol at May Dreams Gardens

  2. Lovely atmosphere in the picture, Nan. I think I'll be ready for cool, rainy weather when we return from Oregon. It was 80 in Depoe Bay and 90 in Newport yesterday! Amazing weather for September.

  3. Nan what a lovely photo... Who says a rainy day cannot be beautiful, this is surely a picture of pure beauty...


    Beverly :o)

  4. We got rain too. But we really haven't been that long, without it, in my neck of the woods.

    But it was very hot, not long ago. And I see you had that too. Last gasp of Summer heat, I'm sure. :-)


  5. I love a rainy day Nan! But then I wish it was always autumn or winter too. I always say you can create a great atmosphere on those dark and grey days. It is a perfect day to sit wrapped in a quilt and reading a good book or stitching. Or just curl up next to the fire. Has autumn started in your neck of the woods?

    By the way, YES, that was the kitchen photo! I still love your kitchen. No...I covet your kitchen. LOL!


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