Sunday, September 9, 2007

Quote(s) du jour/Tomatoes

Our regular Sunday supper is on hold this week because Tom just picked all these tomatoes! I'm going to make sauce and use it on homemade pizza.

A world without tomatoes is like a string quartet without violins.
Laurie Colwin

It's difficult to think anything but pleasant thoughts
while eating a homegrown tomato.
Lewis Grizzard

And lyrics by Guy Clark:

Ain't nothin' in the world that I like better
Than bacon & lettuce & homegrown tomatoes
Up in the mornin' out in the garden

Get you a ripe one don't get a hard one
Plant `em in the spring eat `em in the summer
All winter with out `em's a culinary bummer
I forget all about the sweatin' & diggin'
Everytime I go out & pick me a big one

Homegrown tomatoes homegrown tomatoes
What'd life be without homegrown tomatoes
Only two things that money can't buy
That's true love & homegrown tomatoes

You can go out to eat & that's for sure
But it's nothin' a homegrown tomato won't cure
Put `em in a salad, put `em in a stew
You can make your very own tomato juice
Eat `em with eggs, eat `em with gravy
Eat `em with beans, pinto or navy
Put `em on the side, put `em in the middle
Put a homegrown tomato on a hotcake griddle

If I's to change this life I lead
I'd be Johnny Tomato Seed
`Cause I know what this country needs
Homegrown tomatoes in every yard you see
When I die don't bury me
In a box in a cemetery
Out in the garden would be much better
I could be pushin' up homegrown tomatoes


  1. Is that the song that John Denver used to sing so wonderfully? Our tomatoes are just beginning to ease off after about six weeks of being rather prolific. I've made ratatouille for the freezer and cooked up huge amounts of tomatoes and basil, again for the freezer, to use in the winter. I know we'll be glad of them then. The trouble is, homegrown tomatoes ruin you for shop bought ones when there are no homegrown to be had.

  2. Great crop, Nan! Our cool temperatures seem to have brought ours to an end.

  3. Yes, it is Cath. Six weeks of tomatoes is unimaginable for me. We might get some cherry tomatoes coming in for a few weeks, but never the big ones.

    Tara, this wasn't the best summer for tomatoes here.


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