Monday, February 26, 2007


or maths, as they say in the old country. :<) I'm not one of those people who doesn't like math. I do. I love numbers and Numb3rs. I enjoy all that stuff. But somehow, I have forgotten how to count. Yesterday, I began working on a "page element" for my blog. It was to be a list of my TBR Challenge books. Suddenly I saw that I had 10 books, not 12. I counted over and over again. I counted the books in the photo and sure enough there were 10, the Wodehouse book having 3 books. Now, I am quite sure I know there are twelve months in a year, not ten. I just cannot imagine what I was thinking. So I added two more books to my challenge list, Last Orders by Graham Swift and a YA book, Down The Rabbit Hole by Peter Abrahams.


  1. Ah, math. I got straight A's all through high school. When it came time to take an entrance exam to study at UNL (as a non-traditional student read: old), I failed miserably! Sat there with all these young kids, sitting hunched over their fancy graphing calculators (I wouldn't even know how to use one, let alone apply it to a question on a test - when did that become allowed??). Answered what little I could and sat back until someone walked up to turn in his exam. I failed miserably and was required to take a "bone-head"/remedial math course. Needless to say, my checkbook balances every single month. What more could you ask for? Who truly needs to know the quadradic equation anyway?

  2. Two things:

    1. I sent your CD today!!!! Better late then never, right?

    2. Are you planning on doing the non-fiction 5 challenge that starts in May??? I am!!!

  3. Geez Louise, Les, A's!! I'm impressed.

    Laura, I'm looking forward to the cd. Not late at all.

    And thanks for the non-fiction idea! I just joined, and made a little sidebar for it along with TWELVE TBR challenge books. :<)

  4. LOL! :) I am a "math person", but I make mistakes all the time. Ehh, we're human, too!

    I stopped by to welcome you to the Non-Fiction Five Challenge. I'm so glad you joined us. You still have time to change your books and/or add alternatives if you want. :) I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to add on Mister Linky that your list is on your side bar and the name of your blog.

    Happy Reading!

  5. Thank you, Joy, for the welcome and for adding the link. I don't think I'll change the books. I'm excited to read each of them.


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