Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Sister desks?

I told Les over at her blog that I would post a photo of my desk. She did an entry on her desk, and I was amazed at how alike our desks are. Well, not too amazed. This kind of thing happens to us quite often. :<)


  1. This is just too creepy!! They are so alike! My drawer handles are a little different (and the drawers are a little closer together). Do you know if your legs unscrew from the table? Mine do. What are your dimensions? This is just so funny. AND, if I had my phone/address book on my desk, we'd match even more! :)

  2. 60 inches long, 30 inches deep, 30 inches high. Yes, the legs unscrew. We have a his and hers drawer. :<)

    This desk was actually a present from a good, good friend. Can you believe it? She just gave it to us. Her late mother had refinished it. She had another one like it, and thought we should have this one. We were very close to her late father, and are very close to her as well.

  3. As I just mentioned over on my blog in the comment section, mine is 72" long, 32" deep and 30" tall. Not exactly the same, but very close!

    Wow, what a generous friend!! Very thoughtful indeed. This will be Amy's someday. Fortunately she loves antiques (and would love to have all that we have right now).


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