Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Mrs Bale's 7 pm report

Right now we have seventeen inches and it is still coming down! They've already called at least a two-hour school delay for tomorrow. Here are some more photos from today.


  1. My goodness. Where do you live. Thankfully, after looking at these pictures, I'm here in sunny Florida. Wish I could send you our pleasant 70 degree weather here on the Atlantic.

  2. Seventeen inches and they are DELAYING school opening? You New Englanders are tough. Down in the DC area the entire US Government would have closed down.

    That's a beautiful picture of the snow blowing in the dark. I clicked on it and blew it up and it's gorgeous.


  3. Great pictures! The dogs must be having fun.

  4. Thanks, Zoey & Me, for stopping in. We're in northern New England. My husband's parents are down in Florida, and they call often with weather updates. "Oh, we were swimming, today." We just shake our heads.

    Mary, I laughed out loud when I read your comment. As it turned out, Tom has had three days off. Two for the snowy roads, and the third because of the school roof. Thanks for the compliment on the photo. You just never know what will turn out well. I sometimes take 10 or 20 pictures to get one good one. :<)

    Karen, the dogs had fun, but didn't want to stay out too long, especially when the wind kicked up.


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