Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Let sleeping dogs lie


  1. Is that Sadie with her head resting on Mac's rump? Sweet!

    I also love the picture of the tree mallow in your sidebar.

  2. They are so sweet, perfect adjective! Yes, that is Sadie. Just lately, she has been fonder of MacIntosh than she used to be. Perhaps he is happier with his hair short, and thus, less eccentric in his behavior. He was so hot that he would stay out in the snow for hours and when he was in, he would be right near the cool air by the doors. He had a bad seizure last week and we decided that even though it was winter, we'd still bring him to the groomer. We wonder if he was just plain overheated. Anyhow, he's always been happy and jaunty after haircuts. We've decided we won't let it grow long again.

    That tree mallow is so beautiful. It grows right next to the kitchen door and I have to cut it in the summer so we can get in and out. I've been putting up summer photos on the sidebar to give some color to the white world I'm living in. :<)


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