Thursday, February 22, 2007


This is the first picture we have of Sadie, at two months old. She was originally our daughter's dog, but we all agreed that she would be happier living out here on the farm than in town and she moved in when she was seven months old. She had her second birthday this past October. She and Ben are the best of friends, and play together as if they were littermates. However, she is not so fond of MacIntosh. He is a bit of an eccentric dog, and we think she has trouble coping with his sometimes odd behavior.

Sadie is a very loving, warm-hearted dog, but only to the family. She is a mixed breed, and something in her makes her very protective, possessive, and loyal. All fine traits, but not so appealing to visitors. Happily, we have a little room off the kitchen, which Tom calls the dog apartment, where she and Ben (to keep her company) go when friends come to the house.

Sadie makes us laugh so often. She has this expression on her face that makes it seem like she is thinking deep thoughts. She is also positive that it is her job to be the sheepdog on the farm. She "guides" the sheep along the fence, and makes sure they get from one pasture to another. The black goats stare at her which drives her crazy, and she barks and barks at them.


  1. Sadie is just sooooooo cute! When I looked at her I just went "awwwwww" for about 1 minute and then I was just lost for words because of her cuteness!!
    This comment was written by Harriet (aged 11).

  2. Thank you so much for writing, Harriet. Sadie feels like quite the blogstar these days. :<) She really is a cutie. There's just something in her expression, her eyebrows that makes her just adorable. Your two dogs are very beautiful also, even if they do steal cake! Thanks again for stopping by.


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