Monday, February 5, 2007

Mrs Bale reports 2/5/07 Windchill

The thermometer reads 0º, but the wind makes it feel much, much colder.

The plastic on the woodpile is flipped up.

If you look carefully over by the barn, you can see the snow blowing around.


  1. It is freezing to the max here in Illinois too!!!! and of course the whole area is bummed by the Bears loss! anyway, I just finished a book, Love is a Mix Tape. It reminds me a bit of Nick Hornby, although I think this was even better as it was a memoir. You might like it. It had a lot of pop culture references, and some songs/bands I never heard of, but still it was very good!

  2. Who wrote it? It sounds like something I would really like.


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