Monday, November 1, 2010

Quote du jour/Gladys Taber

The exuberance of spring is over, and the rich ripeness of summer is gone. The extravagant beauty of October fades into the sober hue of November, and once more the trees will lift intricate patterns of dark branches against a soft pale sky.
Gladys Taber
Country Chronicle, 1974


  1. Oh! I so love your new header picture. Beautiful. Blessings, Debra

  2. This is lovely, brooding and slightly dark, but just right for my screen saver for right now. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh....That was such a perfect quote!
    We did leaf raking on Saturday...many of the leaves have left the trees already and indeed it is looking like November.
    Thanks so much for this lovely quote by our 'friend' Gladys!
    Happy November,

  4. Gladys knew what she was talking about! The silhouette of that tree is beautiful!

  5. Oh yes, tis the season. Well said Mrs Taber.

  6. I'm thinking its time I re-read my Gladys Tabor collection--she is always a delight.
    Her affectionate biography of her father portrays him as about equal parts lovable and maddening---one of my favorite of her books.

  7. What a fitting quote and the header pick is lovely!

  8. What a glorious photo at the top of your blog! And a quote from Gladys Taber, one of my all-time favourite writers. What a lovely post.
    Canadian Chickadee

  9. I love this quote so much and the wonderful picture -- perfectly describes trees at this stage -- which I"ve always loved to look at.

  10. Another good Gladys Taber quote and nice way to start my November morn.

  11. Nan, thank you for sharing. She is one of my favorites! Your new header is "beautiful" - it looks like a painting. Have a wonderful Fall day.

  12. Hello dear Nan,

    How perfect that I took a moment for myself to check your blog - and landed on a Gladys quote!

    Can't wait to go back through your Oct. posts to see what else I find!


  13. Thank you, Debra!

    Niki, that's just what I felt.

    Kay, I love your words, 'brooding and slightly dark.' Kinda like November itself some days. Today, though is bright and sunny and cold.

    Joanne, I love that - 'our friend Gladys.' I told Tom that she feels so alive to me.

    Sherri and Lisa, I always love her words.

    Me, too, Pamela. One of my favorite times of year.

    Morning's Minion, I haven't read that one, but there are always hints about him in her books. I've just begun buying her books after borrowing them from the library for so long. This is my first offering from Country Chronicle.

    Thank you, Staci.

    Canadian Chickadee, so often Gladys says what I am feeling. I so love her work.

    Sallie, remember the Fleetwood Mac album, Bare Trees? I always loved that cover. Fine album, too. :<)

    Webster, she's always just right to my mind.

    Thank you, life on the cut off. That's just how I felt when I read her words - perfect way to begin this month.

    Thank you, Ernestine. My pictures are all pure luck! I'm always thrilled to get one that really captures what I see.

    Oh, Alison, how very, very nice to hear from you.

  14. I love every syllable Taber ever wrote -- her words are simply poetic. Your photo is a perfect illustration, too.

  15. Thank you, Nancy. And I so agree about Gladys' words.


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