Thursday, November 4, 2010

My camera

I have been asked a few times over the course of this blog what kind of camera I use. I believe there have been three in the almost four years I've been writing. The first was perfectly adequate. The pictures were fine, though not always as clear as I wished. For my birthday two years ago, Tom gave me a really nice camera. It was so wonderful of him, and I felt really badly because I just couldn't figure it out. I'm not one for technical details. I don't like fussing. My pictures turned out great most of the time, but I'd take many, many shots before getting a good one. I'd get frustrated, and then feel guilty because he'd given me this nice gift and it just wasn't for me.

In August we went to our nephew's wedding, and I couldn't take one picture. The focus button didn't work. I tried using Margaret's, the one we gave her last Christmas, and it was great. I could see the whole scene I wanted to shoot. And all I had to do was push a button. I finally admitted to Tom that I felt badly, but I wanted a camera like that. He understood completely. He had heard my wailings of frustration enough to know it was time for something different.

Well, I'll tell you, I couldn't be happier. This is the camera of my dreams. It has all I need and I understand it. Oh, and one of the best things is that it is small and light. I can pop it in my pocket or my bag. The other one was hefty, and I had to put it around my neck. I wouldn't think of taking it somewhere because it was just too much to carry around.

The cost was way less than the 'better' camera, but for me it is perfect. If you'd like one, here's the info.


  1. I would have never expected the camera you use to have been in this price range. The quality is that of a much more expensive camera, it appears to me.

    Thanks for answering this question, I know I've asked it....LOL

  2. I had to replace my camera a year or so ago, and Rob and I seriously looked at the Canon Rebel...I came to a similar conclusion, it was just toooooo much camera for our case we decided on a Canon Power shot (very similar to yours) and I LOVE it :)

    simple is often best, don't you think?

    Have a great weekend, Nan.

  3. Like anything else, cameras are such personal things, but something that is light and easy to use seems perfect for quick and easy photos without all the stress and hassle of something more technical. I know what you mean for my husband has just given me a complicated 'machine' and I was so used to, and perfectly happy with, my little Sony Cybershot. Have fun!

  4. I have a CoolPix and I love it! Enjoy your camera!

  5. Nan, something similar has happened to me. I bought my "big" Canon camera a couple of years ago as a treat for myself and enjoyed learning about it, but it was too heavy to take on bike rides. I got a little Canon Powershot about a year ago and have carried it with me ever since. Sometimes I remember to take out the big expensive camera, but most of the times I don't bother.

    I was really sold when I took a digital photography class and the instructor told us that the little "point and shoot" cameras were every bit as good as the more expensive models now. My experience has made me a believer! Plus, it came in the cutest greeny-blue color that makes me very happy to look at.

  6. Thanks so much for the info. I have a point & shoot Canon, after having an old film Canon that I absolutely loved, but I'm not always happy with the results. I guess I need to shoot more and delete more--to get those few good shots. At least with digital it doesn't cost anything to do that!

  7. Nothing worse than being without a decent camera. I just love my camera and would be sad without it. I am glad you found your style of camera.

  8. I've been wanting a small one like that too!!!

  9. I know exactly what you mean! When it comes to all things technical, I simply want them to WORK :-) Although I must admit I do like to do some faffing when I am in the mood, so my camera is ideal for me; I can take snaps any time, anywhere, just by pushing that one button, but I can also do some more elaborate stuff with it, if I am so inclined. It is a bit on the heavier side but still small & light enough to go in all of my handbags when I go out.

  10. That's exactly how I feel, Diane. I have even found many shots to be better than with the big camera.

    Niki, I do. And I love the size. I never took my camera anywhere for two years. :<)

    Wild Somerset Child, maybe you'll love it, who knows? But maybe you'll stay with the one you are happy with. :<)

    Sherri, that's great.

    Clair, I am so impressed with what the instructor said! That's sure how I feel.

    Judy, that sure is a great feature of digital. All that waiting we used to do, only to find out most of the pics weren't worth keeping, and the time to capture them was gone.

    Lisa, you are so right.

    Staci, you can't go wrong, and the price is so good compared to the bigger ones.

    Librarian, I love that word 'faffing.'

  11. Nan, I don't know one camera from the next, but I do know good photographs when I see them. Yours are wonderful.

  12. What a nice, nice thing to say, Jill! Thank you. Pure luck (and that cute little camera!)

  13. I have heard wonderful things about the cool pix camera.

  14. I love the way the light hits the world in your header photo.

  15. I love the way you think on this. (Well, I pretty much always love the way you think!).

    But that's the way I want my camera to be -- I don't want a college degree in it, I just want to be able to shoot pictures.

    Also I love sticking it in my pocket or purse (which is a fanny-pack).....that way it is always with me.

    I'm glad yours is always with you.

  16. The pictures you post are a terrific advertisement for your camera!

    The # of options out there make it quite confusing. You've helped simplify the decision-making for a lot of people, I'm sure!

  17. As you know, I'm researching smaller cameras and I appreciated all the info you gave me a few weeks (months??) ago. I've narrowed it down to a Sony Cybershot (Bookfool recommended this one), a Nikon Coolpix (you and one of Rod's co-workers recommended this model) and a Cannon Ell (a little larger and more $$, so we'll see). Now to go to a camera shop and actually hold them to see which I like best. I really do want one with a viewfinder, though. The smaller cameras don't seem to have those anymore, though.

  18. Hip chick, well I couldn't be happier.

    Jodi, thank you. Pure luck. :<)

    Sallie, now I just have to become accustomed to bringing it with me. I was so used to leaving the other one at home.

    Rebecca, sometimes there are just too many choices. :<)

    Les, I had to ask Tom what a viewfinder was. :<)

  19. Hey Nan -

    I have a Canon Rebel myself - before that, just a simple 2 mpx point n' shoot that I used for casual photos and shots of current projects for clients.

    I miss the simplicity of the point n' shoot - but I can get into the geekiness of the DSLR I have now. I guess that's about the same as faffing? :)

    Did you know about the second hand market in cameras? My wife is constantly trading cameras and lenses.

    She uses mostly - it's where I also got my Canon.

    You might want to trade in/sell that point n' shoot that didn't work out for you.

    And I agree - your photos are fabulous!

    - Jeff

  20. Jeff,
    I hardly understood a word you wrote.;<) But I think the one I wasn't happy with was not a point and shoot. I think that's what my new little one is. At least that's what I do. I turn it on and I take a picture. :<) Thank you for the compliment. As I always say, pure luck.

  21. I love my Coolpix - my four daughters gave it to me 2 Christmases ago and I carry it in my bag all the time cuz you never know!!!!

  22. Nan, I have never gotten along with my camera and now am considering a break-up so I can develop a relationship with a camera like yours. No fuss, great results; what's not to like?

    I'm sure my question will display my ignorance. How many photos can you take at one time before you have to delete or download them?

  23. Claire, As I wrote to Sallie, I just have to get used to bringing it with me. ;<)

    J.G., I put my pictures on the computer (iPhotos) as soon as I take them, and then delete them off the camera. I'm quite sure you can keep many, many on the camera. Thousands??


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