Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Making of a Home - part 7

Today is the first time I've been down to the house since mid-October. Because of the colder weather, the workers put in a kerosene construction heater to keep the house warm so the polyurethane on the floors would dry. Well, I'll tell you, I have never had such a sensitivity to a smell in my life. It was like it jumped right into my lungs and I felt sick. Tom went in a few times and when he got home, he had to put his clothes in the washer immediately, and still I had to open doors and burn candles for a while. Now the heat is on, and the heater is shut off. Thank goodness.

SO much has been done since I last wrote. I'll let the pictures tell the story.

Front steps and porch lights

The stairs

The kitchen

The bathrooms

Ceiling fan

Dining room and loft lights

The photos aren't so great because of the brightness! Maybe next time, I'll go down after dark.

To celebrate Matt's birthday, they had a bonfire at the house, burning a lot of the scrap lumber from the job. We didn't go down, but it was quite a sight in the nighttime sky. Forty or fifty people showed up, and it lasted till midnight. The 'kids' thought nothing of standing outside for hours on a cold November night.

I'm not sure when they'll be in. My guess would be not for two weeks anyway. The upstairs floors aren't finished, the washer and dryer need to be hooked up, the stove isn't in place yet. And I'm not sure about the water to the sinks. But still, it is moving along beautifully. Margaret and Matthew are so excited.

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  1. Donna - Avon Musings....November 14, 2010 at 3:14:00 PM EST

    HI Nan: Thanks for posting the updated photos, I have been wondering how things were going. It is a lovely bright house. I am sure they are counting the days until it becomes their home.

  2. Donna, thank you. They are so psyched!

  3. Oh it looks great. I love all the light they will have.

  4. Hip chick, it really is wonderful. Light from all directions. And in the evenings, the inside lights give such a nice glow.

  5. Beautiful, beautiful! (But then, I'm a HUGE fan of wood...and they certainly have it!)

    What a beautiful place to decorate for Christmas. I can't wait to see it all "decked out"!

  6. A lovely home!! And so wonderful to have them close.

  7. Nan, this is so beautiful. I know that your kids are just thrilled. Love the kitchen! I'm going to show this to my girl. She'll be interested in seeing what they selected.

  8. Absolutely stunning! My hubby does kitchens and would approve of this choice...just perfect! Love the sunny and bright.
    Home for Christmas? How perfect would that be!
    So happy for M&M and you all!

  9. It's beautiful, I love the kitchen, with the wood cupboards and the wooden walls.
    I'm so pleased that you'll have your daughter and her fella so close. It's nice to see families want to be close and like each other.

  10. Oh it's stunning. Margaret and Matthew are so blessed. What a wonderful life they will have! I can just imagine how beautiful Christmas will be in that house!

  11. The wonderful light! What a beautiful spot!

  12. Oh it is exciting even just to read your entries about it and look at the pictures - so I imagine how much more exciting it will be for the blessed couple who are going to live in this beautiful house!

  13. So much progress! The house is gorgeous... thanks for the update.

  14. Gorgeous, gorgeous house. They must be longing to move all their things in, and themselves, of course.

  15. Rebecca, I love the wood, too. Not having to paint is a huge plus! They are thinking of putting the Christmas tree up in the loft. Won't that be great?!

    Island Sparrow, yes and yes!!

    Kay, I do love the kitchen. It's so well set up. Easy to get around but plenty big with lots of storage. Margaret loves the island. And they are both wild for the fridge. That was their one splurge item. :<)

    Joanne, I sure hope they are in by December. I can't think of a better month to begin life in a new house. The kitchen is wonderfully simple and beautiful. A great combination.

    Raidergirl, they thought a long time about the cupboards and counters. They wanted something dark to balance the light walls. I really love them. And cupboards now are finished inside. Some different from the ones we bought 29 years ago. Makes me want new cupboards. :<) I don't have words for the happiness I feel that they will be just down the hill.

    Bookssnob, they are so appreciative and so thrilled with every part of the house and land. Matt spent Saturday hauling manure down from our barn for their garden next spring.

    Colleen, absolutely!

    Staci, I so agree!

    Librarian, they are beside themselves with excitement!

    JoAnn, I'm hoping my next entry will have furniture inside! :<)

    Carole, 'longing' is the perfect word.

  16. This looks like a happy house. I am sure they will find many joys there. And how wonderful to think they will be able to celebrate Christmas there.

  17. Commonweeder, I just wrote to Joanne that I couldn't think of a better month to begin life in a new house. I'm so, so happy for them.

  18. It is really strange, but I can almost smell the raw wood.
    I love this home and would like one just like it, as I've said before.
    Thank you for keeping us up-dated with your wonderful pictures.

  19. Jill, the wood gives off its own glow even when the sun isn't coming in. I'd like one too. :<)

  20. Gosh it looks like it is almost ready. What fun to have a new home. Those keroscene heaters are dangerous. I can't imagine the heaters and then fumes from the floor treatments. UGH...

  21. Lisa, I feel badly for the young men who work in those fumes. I worry about their health, especially since they probably use them frequently.

  22. Nan, beauiful. Love the pine. I have pine floors and almost wish I had the walls. Putting my tree on the loft :) Again, wonderful they will be so close to you and Tom.

  23. What a nice rustic home. May many years of peace and happiness surround the owners:)

  24. It really is absolutely beautiful, I love the "high spaces" the beams, ceiling lines, etc.

    I'm sure they will be so happy there, I can just feel it :)

    I'm glad you recovered from the "smell", I once worked in a voting place as the voting clerk, which was situated in a sign painting company, even with doors open (in November) and fans on, I had a headache for 4 days after the election!

  25. I just love the richness of the wood. It is all so beautiful. Yup...I would think twice about being outside on a cold night even with a big fire:)

  26. It is really coming together! December is such a great month to move into a new home and start its life as a house with celebrations.

    You know we will want to see their first garden layout, too, right?

  27. I just love your daughter and son-in-laws new home!! It is coming along really quickly! Congratulations to them!

  28. One Woman, I'll want to see the picture of your tree!! I love the wood, too.

    Thank you so much, Diane. Lovely wishes.

    Niki, that sounds awful. It really gets into your nose so you smell it even when you aren't there. Yuck.

    Stacy, thank you. I agree with you, but from the laughter and music everyone had a very nice time. Of course word got out and more people came than were invited. :<)

    J.G., I plan to post about their garden, alongside my own. The landscaping probably won't be done till spring.

    Sherri, thank you! Not a son-in-law. :<)

  29. I thought the pictures were fine and I love following the progress.

    Such an exciting time for your "kids".

  30. Thanks, Sallie. I was just down there. Margaret brought over some things to store in the bedroom which is the one room which is all done. She is so excited.

  31. When we were building houses, this was the exciting time---almost finished.
    How lovely to move in just before Christmas.
    I've had some unpleasant reactions to building materials and finishes. When we've applied linseed oil the garments worn have to come off and be put in the wash directly--houses with new carpet give off dreadful fumes--a good reason for tile and wood floors.

  32. I love those wood stairs! And the kitchen. And, oh, just about everything!! How exciting. They'll be in before they know it. Thanks for continuing with this photo-journal for all of us, Nan.

  33. Morning's Minion, I just worry about the fellows who work with those things all the time.

    Les, yes, those stairs are most welcoming, aren't they? It's such a beautiful house.


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