Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My top ten crime fiction reads of 2009

Kerrie is asking for people's top ten favorite crime fiction reads of this year from which she will collate the books and come up with the best crime fiction reads of 2009.

These are the rules:

it is about crime fiction you've read in 2009. Year of publication doesn't matter.

about 10 titles in the format of title, author (no need for description etc).

any order will do. If you think one was so much better than the others, you might like to put it in your list twice.

You have until Jan 7 to do it.

You can help on your own blog by writing about what I am doing and pointing people to this post, so they can come here and contribute their list.

If you want your lists to be counted, you'll need to go to the site and leave them in the comments.

Here are my favorites in alphabetical order. The two I loved the very best are those by Henning Mankell.

Among the Mad by Jacqueline Winspear (sixth in Maisie Dobbs series)

Faceless Killers by Henning Mankell (first in Wallander series)

Messenger of Truth by Jacqueline Winspear (fourth in the Maisie Dobbs series)

Ruling Passion by Reginald Hill (third in Dalziel & Pascoe series)

The Case of the Missing Servant by Tarquin Hall (first in Vish Puri series)

The Case of the Peculiar Pink Fan by Nancy Springer (fourth in Enola Holmes series)

The Cruellest Month by Hazel Holt (second in the Mrs. Malory series)

The Dogs of Riga by Henning Mankell (second in Wallander series)

The Skeleton in the Grass by Robert Barnard (stand-alone)

Valley of the Lost by Vicki Delany (second in Molly Smith series)

If you want to read my book reports, you may click the titles.


  1. A very Nice post Nan (and useful)...you know, I don't think I've read ten mysteries/crime novels this year and I love them..how sad is that...

    A very full year with one thing and another and at least I've started to read books again ...yippee

    Your list and your reviews are very helpful (and all new books to me!)...I'm thinking of trying a Reginald Hill and getting a Wallender from Netflix ..and I'm wishing you a very Happy New Year (just sneaking that in in case I get distracted this week :) )

  2. wow, I haven't read any of these. I do have some Maisie Dobbs here to read, and Henning Mankell is on my radar. I've also recently noticed the Enola Holmes series, and was planning to give a try. Springer has some Camelot books as well I was looking up when I found the Holmes.
    Thanks for the list of great books to look into, Nan.

  3. Your reviews of some of these books has had me requesting several from my library this year!! Thanks!

  4. I am so happy for this list. I am a big Jacqueline Winspeare fan and love Maisie Dobbs. One 'set' of books I read this December are 4 of the Mary Russell novels by Laurie R. King. The Beekeeper's Apprentice is the first of the series; O Jerusalem is an interpolation into that story (although it was published a couple of years later); Justice Hall which brings back characters from O Jerusalem; and finally Locked Rooms which is later still but gives so much information about Mary's childhood - and a murder. Of Course.
    I'm off to the library today and will order some of those other titles. It's winter and time for mysteries and garden books.

  5. I've finally got the first Maise Dobbs (on audio) and just love it! This is a series I'll definitely continue.

  6. Val, you're at a busy stage of family life right now. The time will come when you can read all the mysteries you want! And wishing the same to you!

    Raidergirl, I love the Enola Holmes books. I'm planning to get the fifth one to read soon.

    Pamela, the two by Mankell. What a writer!

    Kerrie, thank you for compiling!

    Staci, I'll be looking for your reviews!

    Commonweeder, I love the Mary Russell books, and a friend just sent me the latest called The Language of Bees. I love how you say the winter is the time for mysteries and garden books. Lovely.

    JoAnn, I'm so happy you've begun. It's such an interesting time and place to spend time in.

  7. I don't have ten to list, but I wanted to comment about Henning Mankell. Discovered another Swedish writer this year that I enjoyed almost as much ... Camilla Lackberg - The Ice Princess

    A very old oldie that I just finished by a Dutch police officer/former Zen monk - The Maine Massacre by Janwillem van de Wetering. I'll be writing about it on my book blog

  8. What a lovely idea - I shall go and look at everyone's lists and hope to find lots of read (might even manage to make my own). I am delighted to see The Cruellest Month on your list, it's my favourite of the Mrs Mallory books.

  9. Janice, thank you for the recommendations. I've put them both in my 'books to read' book. I've heard of the latter author.

    Geranium Cat, I'm sure I'll get a million ideas, too! I read three Mrs M's this year and this is the one I liked best.

  10. Nan, I loved reading back through your year with you. It reminds me of why I'm so glad to be your friend, and a reader of your blog!

    I posted something similar (a little more than the first line on some of my posts though) yesterday. I was following your lead, and Abbie's of Farmer's Daughter. What a great idea to walk back through the year this way. Thank you for the inspiration.

  11. Aisling, first off, I love the new picture! I'll be over to read yours. I was pleased to find the idea, and enjoyed doing it. Thank you for your very kind words. I feel the same way.

  12. Miss Lemon's looking forward to reading Skeleton in the Grass ... even more so after your lovely post. Thanks for the intriguing list!

  13. It was really good, Elizabeth. I want to read more Barnard. I tried one called Out of the Blackout. I was sure I'd love it, but after reading too many pages, I realized I just didn't.


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