Monday, December 28, 2009

First line meme

This idea came to me from Melanie via Kate.

Once again, this fun meme is great for the end of the year. Take the first line of each month's post over the past year and see what it tells you about your blogging year.

I found it to be quite an interesting little exercise. It very clearly shows the sort of stuff I write about here. Poems, books, quotes, farm and garden life, my animals, and pictures, with a little music thrown in. Who would think that just the first post of each month could exemplify one's blog?

January: (from a poem) Another fresh new year is here...

February: (from a book report) I wonder if all of us who write about books on our blogs have our special favorite reviews.

March: (from a book report) I didn't keep all the books from when my kids were little, but I knew that I would want to read the Melendy family series again someday.

April: (talking about a singer) I'm admitting it to the world.

May: I wanted to pass along some information regarding my cat, just in case even one person is in a similar situation.

June: (from a poem) If I might see another Spring,

July: (from a today's picture)

August: (from a quote du jour) At the height of the Nazi blitz of London in 1940, special 'raid libraries' were set up at the reeking entrances to the underground shelters to supply, by popular demand, detective stories and nothing else.

September: (from a today's picture) You might ask, why on earth is she showing a dead tree?

October: (I included the title to make sense of the first line) Not a plague of locusts, but...
... of ladybugs.

November: (from a quote du jour) I like spring, but it is too young.

December: (from a book report on a Christmas book) I've often longed to spend Christmastime in England.


  1. What an interesting idea, indeed! Mind if I nick it?
    Could be fun finding out what my first lines of each month have been in 2009!

  2. It is there for the nicking!! I'm sure a lot of people are doing it. I'll be interested in yours since I've just 'met' you.

  3. I felt as I read this exercise, like I was peering into your wonderful soul.

    Thanks for the GREAT idea and Happy New Year to you and yours.


  4. That was great fun to read. I bet it took forever to do but, at this reader enjoyed it a lot.

  5. Very cool idea. I'll have to see what my first lines say about me!

  6. This is an interesting meme. fun to see what you were thinking then.

  7. I am intrigued! I liked yours. Maybe I shall have a look at 2009's.

  8. Sharon, it isn't everyday someone tells me I have a wonderful soul. Thank you so much for your kind words.

    Margot, it really didn't take very long at all.
    And it was fun.

    Kristen, I'll come look.

    Librarian, I'll be over.

    Lisa, you oughtta try it!

    Elizabeth, it just amazed me what an accurate picture those first lines of the month showed.

  9. I love it!! I'm sure mine will tell me that I don't get personal enough on my blog which is something that I would like to work on.

  10. The post is wonderful and it is extraordinary how it captures my sense of some of the rhythms of your life.

    Wishing you and your family a wonderful and Happy & Healthy New Year! and For Letters From A Hill Farm to keep on - keepin on!

  11. Marvelous!! This would be neat to print out and keep somewhere. I'm such a sentimental fool. :)

    Adding this to my mental to-do list...

  12. Staci, isn't that interesting. I look forward to more family stories!

    Linda, such kind, uplifting words. I thank you so much.

    Les, I am, too, in some ways. I'll enjoy yours when you do it.


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