Sunday, November 25, 2007

The winner!

I put my hand in the mitten:

And drew the winning name! I'll be sending off the local calendar this week, Cindi.


  1. I just dropped by. I am finally back to my blog. It is funny that you have your doggies featured! I have a pic of Greta and Gracie on mine.

  2. What did I miss? I'm gone 2 days and you have a giveaway? I am not seeing what the winner, won, as I don't see a giveaway.

  3. Grace, it was here:

    Yours was one of the names in the mitten because you left a comment.

  4. Hi Nan - I have been so bad at checking blogs lately, and it's been forever since I was here last. So I just spent a delightful while catching up on all of your posts.

    First, congratulations on one year of blogging!! I think your blog is so interesting - the variety of post subjects - the photos, recipes, gardens, books - I enjoy all of it. Coming here is like running into a friend - you never know where the conversation will go until you get into it - I love that!

    I'm surprised at all of the snow you have already - very pretty! - but we have only had a dusting so far that didn't make it through the day. (I'm quite sure our time will come - lol)

    I have the book "High Cotton" on my to read list - tell Tom I enjoyed his review, and now I'm looking forward to reading it too. I loved your thoughts on Planes, Trains & Automobiles also - don't you just want a simpler life sometimes? This summer I went into the basement of our local hardware store - what a treasure trove!!! I can only imagine how hard it is for small businesses to stay in business when they have to compete with all the big box chains.

    Thanks for your comments about my lights. (and all of the other wonderful comments you left recently!) I read a book years ago that referred to the lights as fairy lights - and that's what I call them too - I love the vision that conjures up! I just never know if anyone else will know what I'm talking about!! I've been tempted to use them year round - like you I love the soft lighting much better than a single outdoor light. Guess I'm too afraid people will wonder when on earth I plan to take down the xmas lights - I may have to rethink that one and do what feels right for me!!

    Thanks for visiting me and leaving comments - I'm looking forward to your next year here - and hopefully I'll be better at stopping in!!

  5. Nan - thanks for the explanation. My short term memory seems to be waning these days. I remember reading that post, and I remember leaving a comment, but somehow I must have not registered the part of you explaining the giveaway - which I see you clearly did. LOL

  6. This is the cutest idea of how to draw a name! Congrats to Cindi!

    ~~ Heidi ~~


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