Friday, November 23, 2007

Today's poem - Peace: A Wainscoted Room by Iva E. Reed

Here is another poem by the old friend of ours. I think it is so lovely. Her poetry is often filled with longing for her rural childhood.

Peace: A Wainscoted Room

Give me a room with
wainscoted walls and
bay-windows with sills,

seldom seen anymore.
And let's have a half open
Dutch door in this wainscoted
kitchen, with hens running loose
in back yard

ta-taingly crooning, the way
that they do, soft humming
and chumming the afternoon through.

And let bread be baking,
and bubbling black raspberry jam
with some of it cooling

in stiff marshalled lots,
and kittens well hidden
behind the woodbox.

Iva E. Reed
November 1991


  1. Well, this just says so much. It really speaks to me. It's going into my poetry notebook. Thanks for sharing it, Nan.

  2. Thanks, Vicky. I love that word "marshalled" describing the line up of those jam jars. I want to be in that kitchen.


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