Monday, November 26, 2007

Quote du jour/D.E. Stevenson

Perhaps it is better to give than to receive but it is best to do both, and to do it graciously in the Christmas spirit.
Dorothy Emily Stevenson, Vittoria Cottage

I have been trying for days to find a way to thank you all for the comments you left for the one year anniversary of Letters from a Hill Farm. Your words were so warm and generous, and they touched me deeply. You each make the world, and my world a better place.


  1. I am loving the D. E. Stevenson quote. The DES books are so wonderful to turn to for comfort. And apt quotations, as it turns out. Have a great day!

  2. Thanks, Jen. I remember you liking a book of hers I got from the library, Listening Valley, but I never got to read it. I was just thinking today of having a DES year, or something creative like that.:<) I want to go through and read all her books. I've read the Mrs Tim's, Vittoria Cottage, Miss Buncle's Book, Celia's House, Five Windows, and The Tall Stranger. There are so many more. I really love her writing.

  3. This is true. I believe there is an art to accepting a gift with grace--whether it is something physical, or simply a compliment or a favor. I am still learning how to do it. Perhaps it is a stubborn self-reliance that gets in the way.
    Nan, you set a good example!

  4. That is a lovely quote. I've not heard of D.E. Stevenson but now I'm off to find some of her books. Thanks Nan!

  5. Very nice quote. It made me smile :)
    Hi, I'm just a stranger, taken to your farm by the musical wind.
    I am a musician, indeed.
    Your farm is really a cosy nook.
    As for true Xmas spirit, on December 1st I'm to upload on my myspace page a Xmas song which can be downloaded for free.

    Let's give and receive!

    peace & ciao

  6. I think that's a lovely quote!



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