Saturday, November 10, 2007

A little November gardening

Many of the gardeners I visit still have flowers, or are doing fall cleanup. Since my season has been over for quite a while now, I've had nothing to say and no pictures to show except the post about the dreaded yellow iris, which is all dug up and taken to the dump in several garbage bags, so hopefully it won't spread anywhere else. :<) I've had our two geraniums under the lights for a while now and they are doing just great. And you can see that Raya enjoys that inside sunshine, too.

Today, I planted some lettuce seeds, Garden Babies Butterhead. The intent is to keep planting so we can have lettuce all winter. We still have quite a few seeds left from this summer. I use soil from Gardener's Supply.

This room is always warm since the heat from the wood stove goes right up the old stairs off the kitchen, plus it is south facing, so it is the perfect place to have the grow lights. Recently I also brought up my desk, and a second Adirondack chair. This is where I read my "yearlong book," which this year is Henry Mitchell's One Man's Garden. 2008's will be Letters From Eden by Julie Zickefoose.


  1. Nan: Love your plant stand with the lights. I don't blame the cat at all for curling up under them. I would do so also! Thanks for visiting Albuquerque over at Ledge! I have been offline for days due to system gremlins and wanted to thank you over here for your comment! Love the geranium!

  2. The geranium is so pretty. How yummy to have fresh lettuce in the winter. Have a great night. Mary


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