Monday, January 15, 2007

Today's cd/Love Actually soundtrack

Love Actually soundtrack/2003

My 24 year old daughter is visiting, so I asked her to choose the cd for today. I didn't get to watch this movie during December, but hope to next year. It's one of my favorite movies, Christmas or otherwise. The album has a lot of great songs by a variety of artists. Here's one done by Wyclef Jean and Sharissa called Take Me As I Am that I just love.

And Joni Mitchell singing Both Sides Now as an older woman is just amazing.

And I think using the old Beach Boys song, God Only Knows was the perfect touch.

In the liner notes, the director of the movie, Richard Curtis says, "Without its music, Love Actually wouldn't work at all. I know – because I saw the film without the music, and it was a shocker. So this soundtrack isn't a few songs stuck together; it's the life and soul of the film."

A really great soundtrack album.


  1. I watched the movie a week or so ago and loved it, which surprised me since I didn't really like it the first time I rented it. And I absolutely love the soundtrack! I think the two (movie and cd) would make a great Christmas gift for someone who doesn't already own them.

    Good cd choice, M.

  2. Most of my cd purchases happen to be movie soundtracks for some reason.
    I saw this movie because I am a huge Liam Neeson fan . . : )

  3. I agree, Les, that the movie and cd would make a perfect Christmas present.

    Favorite Apron, thanks for stopping. I think the great thing about soundtracks is the introduction to new artists. Of course, then I end up buying their cds, and on it goes. :<) I love your profile photo, and am enjoying your blog.


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