Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Seeds of hope

Yesterday I spent the day perusing online catalogues and ordering my seeds for the coming growing season. The above images come from one of my favorite sources, Renee's Garden. From there, I ordered a favorite we grew last summer for the first time, Ronde de Nice squash.

I also ordered from Seeds of Change, High Mowing Seeds, and Johnny's.

Every year we have gardened, we've sown old favorites, and new choices. This year I am really excited to grow a squash I saw for the first time this summer at the farmer's market, called Zephyr. In addition to an excellent taste, it is so beautiful to look at.

Last year we tried two new (to us) tomato varieties, and liked them so much, we'll probably always grow them. The cherry is called Peacevine, and the full size are St. Pierre.

Hope for the future is at the heart of all gardening.
Marina Schinz


  1. What beautiful illustrations and great pictures - I can almost taste those tomatoes!

  2. If you can get those peacevine cherries, they are just the best!


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