Thursday, January 25, 2007

Today's cd/A Summer in Skye

Blair Douglas/A Summer in Skye/1996

In celebration of the 248th anniversary of Robert Burns' birth, I am playing the (sadly) only cd of Scottish music I own. I had some Jean Redpath records, and really should buy cds to replace them.

While visiting the Scottish Radiance website years ago, one of the prettiest songs I had ever heard was playing, and I had to buy it. Skye at Last is still there, available for downloading. In the liner notes, it says that the album is based on Alexander Smith's "celebrated book on Skye." Of course, this set me wondering if the author was Alexander McCall Smith, and when I went searching, I found it was written in the 1800s, so, no. But I wonder if he might be an ancestor? Anyway, the music is lovely, and sets me dreaming of a land I've never visited.

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