Sunday, January 14, 2007

Quote du jour/Gladys Taber

It is a good thing to curl up with a book for a little while before bedtime. I like James Russell Lowell, saying, "Solitude is as needful to the imagination as society is wholesome for the character." We all need to spend some time alone; people who cannot bear their own company for a time have thin souls.

The deep part of winter gives most of us a little more time alone. The natural rhythm of time has changed from that of summer. But instead of dreading the dark winter days, we ought to savor them for what they can give. Now there should be time to reread old books, to absorb some philosophy, to play a whole symphony without hurrying. Meanwhile, I dip into Keats, or read a little of the magic of the Irish poets.

Gladys Taber, The Book of Stillmeadow


  1. I love cold winter days that force me to stay inside. Nothing better than stretching out on the couch, kitty on my lap, cup of hot tea, husband reading in his chair nearby, and a great book to fall into. Pure bliss.

  2. Speaking of "kitty", it's time for a weekly update photo on Frankie boy. :<)


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