Sunday, December 13, 2009

Quote du jour/Virginia Woolf

Secondhand books are wild books, homeless books; they have come together in vast flocks of variegated feather, and have a charm which the domesticated volumes of the library lack.
Virginia Woolf


  1. I will keep this quote in mind when I pick up those second-hand gems at my library sales and used book stores!!

  2. I love this quote, it fits my philosophy to a T.

  3. Oh, yes! I absolutely agree! I would much rather seek out the lost and forlorn book than to pick a pristine one off the library or book store shelf. She was so wise.

  4. Not a Virginia fan but she has it right here!

    Just dropping by to wish you a lovely lovely Christmas

  5. This is a fantastic quote!!!!! May I use it sometime on my book blog???

  6. Staci, I just love her description.

    splendid, isn't it just wonderful!

    Karin, yes, she was. I love to read inscriptions in used books.

    Julia, that's so true. 'wild' 'homeless' - 'flocks' just perfect.

    Elaine, and I am such a fan. I feel such a connection to her, though she lived so long ago. And the same to you!

    Laura, of course!!

  7. Goodness, I love it! I have a house full of wild books, that is exciting. Yes, I love Virginia too, To the Lighthouse is, I think my current favourite. I have just ordered the DVD of Mrs Dalloway (second hand, of course!). Vanessa Redgrave playing Mrs D. which I think I may prefer to Nicole Kidman in The Hours.
    Dear dog in the snow, it is forecast for here tomorrow, great excitement, it always puts the U.K. in a great tizzy!

  8. I have quite a few of those wild ones too, thanks to a certain someone! I never wanted to see The Hours, but I love Vanessa. I'm just watching The Holiday. Do you know that movie? THE best English cottage ever (and they made it specially for the movie - not even real) But my idea of domestic heaven.


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