Saturday, January 13, 2007

Tools of the trade/Orange Juice

This is the season for Florida Temple oranges. They are a fine eating orange, but I squeeze them into the sweetest juice imaginable.


  1. There is nothing like freshly squeezed orange juice!

  2. And it looks like you do it the old fashioned way too. I keep thinking "I should get a juicer" but I'm picturing something a little more modern that your beautiful glass citrus juicer. I feel inspired to look for something simpler... more hands on... after reading your post today! Thank you for the inspiration!

  3. Yum. Just what I should be drinking to get over the cold I've had since last Saturday. I used my juicer last night to make a hot toddy. I've had it (the electric juicer) for 25 years!

  4. The oranges look so beautiful in the bowl even before the squeezing. Fruit gives me the color I crave once Christmas has been put away.

  5. I'm so pleased with all your comments.

    Kat, you're right. Those lemons and oranges this time of year are a feast for the eyes.

    Les and Heidi, there's nothing like fresh orange juice, is there?! If you've never tried Temples, I think you'd love them. Are they available over there, Heidi?

    Aisling, I've tried a couple different electric ones, and another kind of hand juicer, but honestly I like this one, the very kind my mother used, the best.


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