Friday, October 29, 2010

Doris Day on Sirius XM Sunday afternoon!

A picture from one of my favorite Doris Day movies, Please Don't Eat the Daisies.

If you love Doris Day, the singer and actress, you have a real treat in store. From the Doris Day site:

New Interview with Doris to air Oct 31 on WNYC and Sirius Radio

New York - A new, one-hour interview with legendary singer and actress Doris Day is slated to air on Sirius Satellite Radio and WNYC on Sunday October 31 at 1:30 p.m. ET.

Jonathan Schwartz, host of "High Standards" on Sirius Satellite Radio's Siriusly Sinatra channel 73 and his own show on WNYC, announced the interview he recently conducted with Ms. Day will be simulcast near the mid-point of his weekly four-hour Sunday show, 12-4pm ET.

Schwartz, a long-time New York radio presence, former artistic director of Lincoln Center's American Songbook and diehard jazz fan, was thrilled when Ms. Day agreed to speak with him Sept. 23 about her life, her singing career, and her work with Frank Sinatra. Ms. Day taped the interview via phone patch from her Carmel Valley, Calif., home. The interview, which was originally planned to be 30 minutes or less, stretched beyond the one-hour mark as Doris told one great story after the next.

"It was great fun to recall all those memories," Day said after the interview had ended. "I'm always so happy to tell stories to my fans and friends. I hope they enjoy it, too!"

Fans outside of WNYC's broadcast area can catch the interview on Saturday Oct. 30 and Sunday Oct. 31 at 1:30pm ET online by visiting the WNYC website and clicking the "Listen Now" button on the right side of the page.
It is channel 75 on Sirius, and 73 on XM. I have Sirius XM in my Beetle, and I plan to spend that hour or so driving around in utter listening bliss!


  1. Nan, I just loved that movie growing up! Doris Day was wonderful!

  2. I so love Doris Day!! She is one of my "icons", and I really have to try and find out how and when I can listen to the interview over here in Germany.

  3. I wonder if I can stream it through WNYC as I don't have Sirius...I'll have to check. This is a big treat, she hasn't been intereviewed in years, as far as I know.

  4. Yes! I can stream it, sometimes I can't get things in PBS :(

  5. PLEASE DON'T EAT THE DAISIES is my favorite Doris Day movie next to the one she did with Cary Grant. I think it was THAT TOUCH OF MINK. Hilarious.

  6. I love DD!!! Pillow Talk is one of my favorite movies ever!

  7. I love Doris Day, though I don't think I'll be able to listen to this unfortunately. Alas, I have been watching too many freaky movies, so this weekend from Netflix I have That Touch of Mink--my favorite DD movie!

  8. Thanks for the heads up..I love her voice and films

  9. I don't get Siriux, but will listen tomorrow on the website. I love "Please Don't Eat the Daisies" and all of Doris Day's films; my favorite is "Calamity Jane" -- I saw it when I was about eight years old and fell in love with Doris's spunky Calamity.

  10. I'm so very pleased that so many of my dear readers also love the work of Doris Day!

  11. I like this movie, but I like the book even better because it includes the 'chapter' The Poet and the Peasants. It begins, "We have made mistakes with our children, which will undoubtedly become clearer as they get old enough to write their own books. But here I would like to be serious for a few moments about the one thing we did that was right. We taught them not to be afraid of poetry." Jean Kerr then launches into the tale of how they instituted the Culture Hour, and the requirement that each boy find and memorize a poem each week. The story is funny and touching - and I am always in tears when I finish rereading. If you can get a copy of Penny Candy, this is just one of the great essays in it.

  12. Commonweeder, I read the book a long time ago. In fact, it is one of those that I remember where I was sitting. Amazing. I loved it so much. Thank you for your note. I think I'll go see if I can buy her work.


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