Saturday, October 2, 2010

Mrs Bale feels like the Little Mermaid

Mrs Bale needs this warming cup of tea. Since Tuesday, we've had nine inches of rain.

The ground is soggy. Our stream has jumped its banks

Ben leaped over the water

While Sadie waded right in

The nearby river is roaring

Some roads were closed. Today the rain has stopped, and it is cloudy with sunshine peeking through every so often. Every day has been dark. I awoke one morning at nine, thinking it was seven. Our cellar had a bit of rain that came through the fieldstone walls, but the new cement cellar in Margaret and Matthew's house is dry as can be! (update coming soon on The Making of a Home)


  1. So glad you are okay, at least for now. Nothing is worse than water damage. So difficult to fix.
    Canadian Chickadee

  2. And she looks like The Little Mermaid....or maybe not. LOL

    So, we are not the only ones who get copious amounts of rain. Don't wash away!

  3. It's so amazing how the rain can change the looks and feel of the landscape. Beautiful pictures.
    (Moments in Time(

  4. Delighted you have decided to continue. Thank-you - logged on to day just incase you had changed your mind and had. Yeah!

  5. Canadian Chickadee, Oh, thank you. We are fine. We are on a hill with never a flooding danger. It's just the cellar is old, old and the water seeps in though those stones. Someday I'll write a blog post on that cellar!

    Julie, ah yes. The colors are fading, but still beautiful in their muted tones.

    Kay, but you got almost double that in a day! Our stream is down a hill from the house. The builders knew what they were doing putting the house up on this hill.

    Doris, thank you for coming by and leaving a note.

  6. Adele, thank you for coming by with such nice words.

  7. Glad to hear that Margaret and Matthew's cellar/basement is dry! I can see the "rush" in that river! Hoping the rain has ceased and things soon settle down.

  8. Brave Sadie. Edward would never have dared!
    Let Mrs. Bale tuck you in, and let it rain!!

  9. Donna - Avon Musings....October 2, 2010 at 9:50:00 PM EDT

    Hi Nan: It is so lovely to see Mrs. Bales again, I have missed her.

  10. 9 inches! Amazing! And what incredible photos. We had a creek that "jumped the banks" a few times, too. Ah, Mother Nature. :) Hope you dry out soon. It's chilly here. First frost warning of the season. Time to haul out the winter clothes.

  11. We've had a rather rainy and chilly week, and some areas in East Germany are in trouble with flooding and soaked river dykes. Today, though, it is going to be a glorious SUNday, truly deserving its name.

  12. So glad that their basement is dry!! If it can survive that type of rain then they should be good to go!!

  13. Oh my - it is so dry here. Has not rained in weeks and not calling for any in the next weeks forcast. I do not like it when the woods are this dry. Hope my new gardens survive.
    Glad the "new home" has a dry basement:)

  14. Such power Mother Nature has... We had 4 1/2 inches of rain on Thursday alone and the lake is higher than I've ever seen it. Sadie looks like she's enjoying herself!

  15. Rebecca, this was a good test for their cellar, and it passed! Rain all over now. Sunny today.

    Pamela, though Sadie and Ben both (apparently) have Lab in them, Ben isn't nearly as fond of water as Sadie is.

    Donna, I so love all the pictures of her. Most of them I took from the television screen so they aren't always clear, but still...

    Les, we've only had one frost so far. Amazing. Time was they came the end of August. I've been wearing flannel shirts for a while. :<)

    Same here, Librarian!

    Staci, that's right!

    Ernestine, I get very uneasy when we go too long without rain. Thankfully it rarely happens. Some years we don't even have to water the garden.

    JoAnn, must have been the same storm.

  16. Aha. So this is where our rain has gone. I hope you stay high and dry.

  17. Mrs Bale,heck -- you need that cup of tea! glad all is well. We're in Maine now and got one night and morning of that rain. Then a lovely day to follow. Lucky for us, I think our camper van would have washed away in much more.

    I'm pretty sure I told you before how much I love the reminder of this wonderful character from my favorite show of all time. I love BBC!

  18. Sallie, you aren't very far away! And isn't Mrs B just the best!


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