Friday, April 30, 2010

Quote du jour/Gladys Taber

Now the days are longer and lovely twilight has come again into the world. In winter we seem to high-dive from day to night, but now the violet dusk folds over the valley so gently and the sky is luminous so long.
Gladys Taber
Stillmeadow Daybook, 1955


  1. I was just this minute thinking of you, Pamela, when your comment came in!

  2. So beautiful! Thank you for that moment of tranquility. My Friday needed it.

  3. I see the cast iron pot on the stove, guess what my Dad won't let my Mom cook a pot roast without using a pot exactly like that!!

  4. I love Gladys Taber's books.
    Would like to have the Arbor Square book for my little granddaughters. Put my name in the drawing. Your new header looks like Spring!!!

  5. Great quote. I am eagerly looking forward to summer proper.

  6. I read and re-read Gladys Taber. Her writings are timeless. Beautiful.

  7. Whatever Gladys Taber says or writes, it is always so beautiful. So is your new picture of the johnny jump-ups.

  8. Such a beautiful quote. Did you realise that April 12th is Gladys Taber's birthday when you chose it?
    Canadian Chickadee

  9. I've always loved Gladys Taber, way back from when I used to read her monthly magazine column when I was a young girl. I recently reread 'Stillmeadow Calendar'. I love her fun stories of dogs, cats, cooking and country life, so enjoyable.

  10. So these pretty little flowers are called Johnny Jump-Ups in your part of the planet? Nice! Where I come from, they are called mothers-in-laws in German, and Pensées (that's French for "thoughts") in the old-fashioned German dialect we speak here - but no matter what people call them, I like them! Not quite as much as I love forgetmenots, but still a lot :-)

  11. Beautiful quote by my beautiful 'friend' Gladys.
    Don't you just love that photo of her by the stove? I would love to sit and visit her over tea.

  12. I loved reading the Stillmeadow books. And I loved Johnny Jump-ups so much that I named our house Heartsease Cottage.

  13. Celi.a, I so often feel the same way when I read Gladys' words.

    Sherri, I love that!!

    Your name is on the list, One Woman's Journey!

    Christy, I think I love spring even more than summer!

    Julie, I've not heard that applied to Gladys before but you are absolutely right. I'm always, always so thrilled when people write to say how much they love her.

    High Ground Farm, I've read her books over the years from the library, and have just begun collecting them for myself.

    Margot, that is SO true! And thanks about the JJs. It took about a hundred pictures to get one that worked because of the bright sun and strong wind (windy poplars farm, you know!)

    Canadian Chickadee, I did know her birthday was in April. I've just bought Stillmeadow Daybook, and I wanted to put something up from the April entry before the month was gone!

    Mattenylou, I envy you reading her in the magazines. What a treat it must have been.

    Librarian, I read somewhere that there are about a hundred names for these delightful little flowers! The ones in the header were there in a terrace step crevice all winter with a couple blooms, and as soon as the weather got nice more appeared. A little wonder!!

    Joanne, me too!!

    Debbie, I LOVE the name of your house!!

    Staci, thanks!

  14. I never come across her books here in the UK Nan and what a pity that is! She's such a wonderful woman. I can see I'll have to order some from the States!

  15. Rambling Fancy, she isn't nearly as well known in 'her own' country as she should be! I so love it when I get comments from others who love the woman and her work.

  16. Nan, thank you for this post. I always like a little visit with Gladys.

    I've been having trouble with a spammer (stalker?) on my blog and have had to close it to all but those invited. It was a hard decision, because I don't have email addresses for everyone who visits--you, for instance. I'm going to trying going public again in a week or two when I've gotten over my disillusionment.

    Keep on blogging!

  17. I love the writings of Gladys Taber: I particularly like 'My Cape Cod' which I bought off ebay. Please put my name in this draw. I live in the UK so hopefully that is OK for this draw.

  18. Oh, Clair!! If you click on 'view my complete profile' you'll come to a page that has my email address. I know another blogger who has had to do the same thing. Not fair.

    Jennifer, you were already on the list! :<)


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