Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Arbor Day Square by Kathryn O. Galbraith - GIVEAWAY!

22. Arbor Day Square
by Kathryn O. Galbraith, illustrated by Cyd Moore
children's book, 2010
finished, 4/23/10

A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.
Greek Proverb

Not only is this a lovely book, beautifully written and illustrated, it is also an important book because it introduces Arbor Day to young children. I am quite sure that I learned about it through reading 365 Bedtime Stories when I was a young girl. I wrote about this book last May 1, and here I am almost a year later, spotlighting it again.

At that time, in that locale, Arbor Day was April 20. My Old Farmer's Almanac calendar says April 30 is National Arbor Day, and though the last Friday in April is the most common date, it varies from state to state according to the best planting time for trees. There is a nice note at the end of Arbor Day Square telling all about the origins of Arbor Day and how it has spread to countries around the world. If you'd like to read more about it, there is a terrific website.

I was so very pleased when the publicist for Arbor Day Square wrote to me and asked if I would like a copy.

The story is simply and beautifully told of a young girl and her father who have moved out to the midwestern prairie. The town is growing steadily with stores and a church and a schoolhouse, but there aren't any trees.

The townspeople raise money to order trees, and when they arrive, trees are planted all over town. There is one tree which is very special to Katie and her dad.

I love books which show the passage of time as this one does. We see the little girl impatient for her tree to grow, then watching as both she and the tree get older, and then she has a little girl of her own. Lovely in every way is this book. A perfect book for someone with a new baby, or a new grandchild, or for yourself if you love picture books as I do. The best ones tell deep truths in the most beautiful way. May Arbor Day Square encourage the love of trees to a whole new generation.

And now for the best part - I have a second copy to offer as a giveaway!! Please leave me a comment on any post letting me know you would like to be entered in the draw from now through Sunday, May 2, and I will do a drawing on Monday, May 3. I will send it anywhere in the world.


  1. Oh! Enter me please! I'd like to send it to my friend's young son, as she and her family are big tree huggers and, I think, would love this book.

  2. What a lovely picture book. Did you know that the Arbor Day Foundation is here in Nebraska? We've visited the Lied Lodge a couple of times and they have a great Apple Festival in the fall. Check out the links.

    And I have to say your new header is stunning!! I love yellow flowers, particularly daffodils!

  3. This sounds like just the kind of book I love - thank you for telling us about it!
    I have the privilege of living near the centre of a small town (90.000 inhabitants) in South Germany, which is almost famous for its many tree-lined streets, beautiful parks and castle grounds. Those trees are chestnuts, and they are now in full bloom. Whenever one of the old trees needs cutting down because it would present danger, the town council make sure a new one is planted, so you always see a mixture of young and old trees. I have lived here almost all my life (I am 42 now), so I have witnessed some growth.

  4. This looks like a very special book. I love trees! It is nice of you to share your second copy with a lucky person.

  5. I would love to be included in this giveaway; that is if you are included people who live in the UK. I have just found out that I am going to become a grandmother for the first time; so this would just be perfect.

  6. I have my own copy of this book and it is a delight. It captures so many of the reasons trees are important - for community and for beauty.

  7. Nan,
    I read every detail of your post and the wonderful book, thinking,
    "I would love to purchase this book" I adore trees and memory planting is such a wonderful idea. I finally got to the end of the post and was pleasantly surprised that I might not have to buy it.
    Nan, thank you for your enthusiasm and inspiration!
    Also wanted to tell you that once again, I love your header! The yellow daffodils in the light blue coffee pot gave me an idea....
    Have a great day!

  8. I've put your names on the list!

  9. I just love books like this! With a new grandchild on the way, I need to stock up on interesting reading. :)

  10. Two of my favorite things - trees and books! I would love to share this book with my children.
    I'm a longtime fan of your blog and would like to thank you for sharing so many good reads and stories. I always enjoying visiting here :)
    Have you read any of the mysteries by Louis Penny yet? Wonderful characters and great mysteries set in Quebec. I highly recommend!

  11. I would love to be entered for this contest as I love trees and books and this combines both beautifully.

  12. Please add my name to your list. I'm also a tree lover. The yard of my childhood home had three cherry trees, one Italian prune, and one crab apple, among some other non-fruit bearing ones. Right now our dogwood in the back yard is having its best year ever. I say YES to trees.

  13. I would love to enter this draw. The book seems absolutely lovely. Thank you, Nan!

  14. I'm the kind of crazy person who start trees from seed - so please add my name to your list!

  15. That book looks so lovely.
    AND Saturday is my birthday:
    double digit: 5th decade and the
    5th year.

    Can't believe you got snow .
    We are so green down here in the South. Hope the blossoms survive and
    Spring returns to its glory!

  16. Enter me please! I would love this book for my sister's kids! Thanks!

    reynoldsmommy at gmail dot com

  17. Oh! What a wonderful book! May I please be entered in the giveaway? After committing it to memory, I would wish to donate it to the local library. Thanks for sharing.

    Kay Guest

  18. I would love to be entered for the giveaway! This book look great, thank you!

  19. Would love to win this book. Thank's for the chance.

  20. I'd love to share this with my daughter!

    janemaritz at yahoo dot com

  21. It looks like a wonderful book. I love beautifully illustrated books, it makes them so special.

  22. Debbie, just added your name!


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